How Wisconsin are you

There is many people in Wisconsin but are you a true Wisconsin citizen. Do you like dairy products, professional teams, or do you go to Michigan on boat? Try the quiz to know if your a real Wisconsinite

Take this quiz and make sure you know your really from Wisconsin. Maybe your parent(s) had you in Minnesota and came to Wisconsin, you might not know it but you could be a vikings fan.

Created by: dylbert
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  1. Do you like cheese
  2. Do you like miller beer
  3. Do you like the Packers, Brewers, or Bucks professional sports teams?
  4. Do you like any dairy products
  5. When you travel, does anyone ask you if your from the wisconsin or illinois because of your accent?
  6. After church do you quickly go home to watch the game?
  7. Are you always bored?
  8. Do you wear shorts in the winter when it's below freezing
  9. Do you smell cow manure every time you go outside
  10. Have you ever went to Michigan on boat

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