Which Dog Is Perfect For You?

What dog is right for you? What characteristics do you like? What activity levels do they need? Do you need a dog suitable for allergies? Do you want a jogging companion? A lap dog, or a big boy that thinks he's a lap dog?

Find which dog is right for you according to 15 questions about your lifestyle and them! I will be working on a more in depth one, so test this one out and tell me what you think! simple (underscore) four underscore 2005 at hotmail.com. (They won't let me put my address so work with me!) Any suggestions would be great!

Created by: StephanieAnn
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. After a hard days work how do you prefer to unwind?
  2. How much time grooming (nail trimming, brushing hair/teeth, etc) would you give your dog?
  3. How does your ideal dog need to be with children?
  4. What coat would be your preference?
  5. What amount of barking do you expect?
  6. What kind of friendliness do you need from your dog?
  7. Can you train your dog? How experienced are you?
  8. Are you good at being in charge? Do you know how to be dominant over a dog (not a bully, but be teh dominant one in the relationship?)
  9. What size of a dog do you want?
  10. Are you willing to pay very much? The less common a dog is, the more expensive they are. If you are looking for show matierial in any breed expect to pay a lot. Always find a reputable breeder (they do this for a living, to give us wonderful bloodlines,
  11. How much space do you have, or are you going to have in the near future for you pup to run in?
  12. What is your favorite look on a dog?
  13. How much time will you have for your dog? Some require a lot of people time, while others are fine to hang by themselves for a long while.

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