Are you the perfect person?

Perfect person??? ya i know... sounds weird. but you might find out that you are very pretty to some people!!perfect can also mean alot of things... like pretty,smart, and sooo much more!!

to find out if you are the perfect person.. take the quiz! it WILL help with your love life some day!! people can change all over a quiz!! just try it to find out!!

Created by: Katie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you wear often?
  2. Your personality is:
  3. How do you wake up in the morring((or night))?:
  4. What type of hair do you have?:
  5. Where do yopu want your first date to be?:
  6. How many times do you shower?:
  7. When you flirt you?:
  8. When your bored do you:
  9. Would you rather?:
  10. True or falce?: You have over 5 pets?

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Quiz topic: Am I the perfect person?