Name of your soul mate and his personality! (girls)

Its hard to find that person person. Is he smart, cool, funny, creative? They say the perfect guy is out there, how do you find him? Its up to you to know who is for you. So, who's YOUR soul mate

Is he out there for you? this quiz will find the name of your soul mate. Will he care for your feelings? There's someone out there somewhere for you. Now you know what to look for. The perfect guy. Is he on your agenda?

Created by: Bubbles
  1. Does he always want to make you happy
  2. is he all you thinks about
  3. your ideal date with him
  4. are you guys open with eachother
  5. do you always text
  6. would you accept a gift from him
  7. when would you kiss him
  8. are always together
  9. how do you break up with him
  10. is he athletic, funny, sensitive, a good listener, truthful, creative

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Quiz topic: Name of my soul mate and his personality! (girls)