How well do you know this beautiful woman

There are many people that think they know her, but really they don't. Sometimes there personality and hers obstruct, and there is a block. This block doesn't allow them to synergize and experience the divine...

Are you her soul-mate? Do you share that genuine eternal, timeless, formless love relationship with her? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this enlightening quiz, in just a few minuted you will know..let the atmic journet begin

Created by: Mukande
  1. What name to people address her by?
  2. Where does she bow her head?
  3. Does she drink her urine?
  4. What or who does she want to 'eat'?
  5. Is she truly and intravert, or an extravert ?
  6. What is she most driven by?
  7. In a romantic elationship what would she mostly value?
  8. What gift would she value most?
  9. What does she want as a pet?
  10. What does her self-concept currently revolve around ?
  11. If she could change any physical thing about her appearance what would it be?
  12. Which word best describes her?
  13. When she has an assignment will she..
  14. What word best describes her?
  15. Does she decide things with her
  16. Is her true essence and nature
  17. Is she most likely to misplace her house keys because
  18. What is her wet dream of life?
  19. What overwhelms her?
  20. Does she pay attential to her banking statements?
  21. What do people usually comment her on?
  22. What is important for her well-being:

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Quiz topic: How well do I know this beautiful woman