I Am WOMAN Hear Me Roar

When you're a WOMAN, you KNOW it! How well do you think the world around you KNOWS what kind of WOMAN you are? There are a gazillion kinds of WOMEN out there. What kind are you?

So, Are you a WOMAN, do you roar? Are you ready to find out how others see you? Take this quiz and find out once and for all! No matter what your results are... you're still the WOMAN that we all know and love!! ;-)

Created by: Jane
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  1. You've cleaned out your closet at least twice this year.
  2. When you go shopping, you come home with plastic bags.
  3. Gosh, I sure could go for a Latte right about now....
  4. Every time the kids want to come shopping or to dinner with me I....
  5. Where would you most likely eat dinner out?
  6. If you're gonna have to pick one animal to represent you, it'd be:
  7. So who is the best WOMAN out there? (You only get these choices, make your decision from this list. lol)
  8. When I say SHOPPING.. what was the FIRST kind of shopping you thought of. Be honest!
  9. You're totally into TV, but you don't admit to it..I mean really, who does? Waddo you watch?
  10. Gold, Silver, Pewter, Bronze, Wood, Stone?

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