(Girls) How Proverbs 31 Are You

Are You a Godly Woman by the Standards of Proverbs 31. How well do you measure up. Take this quiz to find out!You may find out that it isn't quite what you thought it was.

Proverbs 31 is held as the standard in many Christian circles as what a godly woman ought to be. Find out if you meausure up to the standard. Are you the woman you ought to be!?

Created by: Donald

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  1. Would you rather be thought of as a "captivating" beauty or a "tireless worker?"
  2. If you were to be described by those who know you would the first quality be your beauty or your work ethic?
  3. Are you married?
  4. If you were or are married, can/could your husband trust you?
  5. Are you more likely to be rewarded for the things you do or or will it be attention for the way you look?
  6. How strongly do you pursue God as oppsed to good looks and being atractive?
  7. How early do you get up normally get up? (If you just lay around or relax at first use the time when you actually start doing something)
  8. How late do you usually stay up to do homework (if in school) housework, or to take care of the kids if you have any? (Do not count time spent staying up to watch a movie, etc.)
  9. Do you feel or would you use the words "strength and honor" to describe yourself?
  10. Would others describe you with the words "strength and honor"
  11. How iddle are you?
  12. When you speak are your words kind and wise? Or do you say foolish or hurtful things?
  13. You see someone begging?
  14. You are about to face some hard times materially, do you?

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