How well do you know the Gnome Woman story?

There's many unsuspecting people out there who don't know about the Gnome Woman. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the epic tale. It would help if you knew it.

Do YOU know the Gnome Woman? Do YOU know the names of the friends in the group out to stop her wrath from terrorizing the school? Take my quiz and we shall see how well you do know this epic tale.

Created by: Catfish
  1. Choose the correct person that is actually in the story.
  2. What is the device that the friends use to communicate when they are seperated at lunch?
  3. Who is the Gnome Woman's side kick(s)?
  4. What was Hsiftac's idea for revenge against the Lawn Gnome and the Gnome Woman?
  5. Where was the friends meeting place?
  6. What did Sixela discover was the Gnomes effective weakness?
  7. Who/what did Ledorb, Hcnerw, and Hsiftac run into in the Lawn Gnomes classroom?
  8. Name the four people that were in the vent over the cafeteria.
  9. Where was Eillo locked in?
  10. Where did Eillo say the key was?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Gnome Woman story?