Are You A Beautiful Person?

We've all heard of "Beautiful People" but what are they, really? This quiz explores whether or not YOU are a beautiful person. And if so, what kind of beautiful would that be?

No matter how gorgeous you are, being human, you can't pay attention to everything equally. Nobody can. So what do you value most? This will shape how you strive to be beautiful in your own way. When you check off your answers, you may find that more than one applies. If so, choose the one that matters more (or most).

Created by: amazon

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  1. Every day, I wonder:
  2. Every fall, I make sure that:
  3. Before leaving the house, I always:
  4. If you ask me to sing:
  5. My ideal workout involves:
  6. Botox is:
  7. Regarding the cost of cosmetic surgery, it is:
  8. My hairstyle must be:
  9. A garden is:
  10. Money is:
  11. I help others by:

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Quiz topic: Am I A Beautiful Person?