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Discusses our vision for the development of diversity as a cornerstone in informing good practice, focusing on the general concept of managing diversity and its relevance to the way organisations work. The diversity concept is inclusive and based on valuing everyone as a unique individual and celebrating this difference.

The guide covers: the evolution of the diversity concept, changes that impact on the management of the workforce, managing diversity: what's it all about?, the CIPD vision for the development of equal opportunities, tips for progressive action, facts and figures, case studies, and diversity issues in the population.

Created by: Jelena Balahovica

  1. During negotiations in Japan you try to confirm a point by asking, Do you not want this added to the agreement.? You are answered with a 'yes', so you keep it within the agreement. At a later date you find the Japanese are upset that this was added to the agreement. Why?
  2. In Hong Kong, you and your counterpart share a cup of tea. During the negotiations you notice that he keeps moving his cup either closer to you or further away. Why?
  3. During intense negotiations the Russian negotiation team keep pressing you on a particular point you absolutely cannot budge on. You have politely indicated your position to no avail. They are insistent. Which of these options would be most advisable?
  4. Your company has been negotiating with a company in Argentina for 3 months. The next round of negotiations is set to be the final meeting, with all sides aiming for an agreement. The negotiator that had been dealing with Argentina is taken ill and cannot travel. A replacement is briefed and sent to clinch the deal. He returns empty handed. Why?
  5. When meeting with the French in a business environment, which of these is best to avoid?
  6. Which of these statements is true?
  7. At the end of your negotiations with a Chinese firm, the negotiation team suddenly demands you drop your prices or they may have to pull out of any agreement. What should you do?
  8. During negotiations in Italy two of the Italian negotiation team keep taking phone calls. Why?
  9. At the end of a successul negotiation meeting with a Pakistani firm, the owner suggests you all end the day with an alcoholic drink. What should you do?
  10. Upon being met at the office of a potential Indonesian client you are met with very personal questions about your job, education and salary. Why?

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