how well do you know Connecticut?

Connecticut is a complex and crazy state. Its rolling hills and treacherous back roads can hide all sorts of quirky and interesting phenomena! From the Sound to the Massachusetts border, CT also offers a diversity of difference places, people and geography.

This is quiz is an attempt to test your knowledge in the not-so-known matters of the state. It is trivia based, so even if you don't live here, or are a frequent visitor, you may know more than you think. You just have to ask yourself, deep down, how well you really know Connecticut. Or, just take this quiz!

Created by: mks
  1. The capital of Connecticut is:
  2. Connecticut is different from all the other states (except Rhode Island) because
  3. Which of these towns is not located in CT:
  4. Current President George Bush was born in:
  5. According to native residents, how should 'aunt' be pronounced:
  6. Is this the way 'aunt' should be pronounced
  7. How did Connecticut get its name:
  8. Which quaint attraction is not a part of Connecticut:
  9. This college is the only one in the country to offer an official degree through its puppet arts training program:
  10. Connecticut is known as the 'Nutmeg State' because it, well, produced a lot of nutmeg seed. True or false - the nutmeg seed was in great demand due to the fact that it purportedly had 'a kick like a couple of reefers' and could get people high.
  11. Lots of Connecticut's cities have interesting nicknames, several of which are listed below. Which one is not true?
  12. Nothing beats Connecticut radio! Okay, well a lot of things can beat CT radio. But if you were to fiddle with the dial, which off these stations would you find to be Connecticut based?
  13. Gillette Castle - if you've never been, you should go! But if you have been, you probably know that the owner, builder and architect of the estate made his money because:
  14. It's Friday night, and you're going out! And you're also stuck in CT... Where could you go?
  15. Which of these is not a Connecticut nickname:
  16. Ok, this is last one! What kind of state quiz would be complete without asking you to identify the state bird and flower:

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Connecticut?