How Connecticut Are You?

How Connecticut are you? Ummm.... It's part of the Tri-State area. No, Colorado, Utah and Arizona are the Four Corners, not the Tri-State area! It's one of the original 13 colonies, but prefers to think of itself as the first colony - the Constitution State, baby!

I was going to say "How much of a Nutmegger are you?" but I didn't want to confuse the residents of Fairfield County! You know they'd really like to be New Yorkers! Except for my cousin, she's cool. She has a plasma TV. At least we're not hicks like folks in NE Connecticut!

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
That's one tasty cookie
That's my favorite bar
That's ME, baby
That's what my family calls themselves
That's my NAME
Rory Calhoun. I loved him on Death Valley Days. May he rest in peace.
John was our greatest Vice President
You mean The Calhouns. I saw them in Branson.
Did you know Jim has a degree in Philosophy?
Geno is a better coach!
The Carolina Hurricane
(*$^#(*&% &! You just ruined my day!
I'm so happy WE finally won
I'm happy for them.
Gordie Howe and I are coming over to kick your a--
Muffy and I are organizing the relief effort
Which Martha?
She ruined Stonington
She's from New Jersey originally. It's not our fault!
She was the best MTV VJ
My portfolio took a hit when she went to prison.
She was my classmate from Barnard. I wrote a letter to the Court asking for leniency.
Boston Market?
LOVE it. But can't they air condition the outdoor parts?
We always stop by Quincy Marker on our way to the Boston Pops
...our way to Kennebunkport
Their chicken is the best!
It's called Faneuil Hall, (*^(*^!
It's where I got married.
King Phillip?
What a great band. Their axe player is awesome.
Didn't he host that TV show in the Seventies?
Good thing my great-great-great-grandfather got away. He would've wiped out the whole family.
I only smoke Phillips
We don't speak his name around grandma.
He was only defending his people against the expansionist colonials.
My favorite city is....
We don't have a favorite city. We say TOWN.
The Big Apple. We split our Mets season tickets with my cousin Tony.
WEST Hartford
EAST Hartford
I've never been to Hartford
Our greatest modern governor...
Honest Abe.
You know, what's her name? The governor now.
They should never have burned Lowell in effigy.
Rowland was framed! He got us all jobs at the casino.
Why isn't Ella on our state coin?
Bill O'Neill. Man was a GENIUS.
Sold out The Whalers
Should've gotten 100 years
Isn't he a great sax player?
The actor?
It's my cat's name
She's my favorite singer from Destiny's Child
She's my neighbor
I can't believe Sweeney is closing
It's a great dessert
Why ancestors are from there!
Isn't that in Jersey
I went to Julliard with her

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