Midwest remembers

There are a lot of smart people out there that would love to take this wonderful quiz. Maybe you live in Arizona, Florida or Connecticut you can still enjoy taking this quiz. Just enjoy the quiz?

This wonderful quiz will have you think back to the days you lived in Chicago and remember the forgotten stuff that happened. The best hamburgers or pizza or Salad on a bun by Tastee Hastee

Created by: David Beese

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  1. What TV station had Bozo?
  2. What product was made in Villa Park?
  3. What shopping center did the Blues Brothers drive through?
  4. Who was the Borden Milk mascot?
  5. Who had the best Chocolate donuts?
  6. Who was the Mayor in 1968?
  7. What company was at the Oasis's before McDonald's and Panda Express?
  8. Where is the Loop?
  9. What was I88 "The Reagan" called before 88?
  10. What was the name of a famous night club in Chicago?

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