How Connecticut Are You?

Many people who live in Connecticut think they know the state. Well here is a quiz to test your knowledge of the state. See how "Connecticut" you really are...

Connecticut is known for many things. And this test will allow you to determine how much you know about the state? Are you a true blue "Connecticut Yankee"?

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  1. The Capital of Connecticut is?
  2. The theme song of the Hartford Whalers hockey team was?
  3. The state bird of Connecticut is?
  4. Connecticut's nickname is?
  5. Connecticut is one of the 13 original colonies. Which number was it in the order of states joining the Union?
  6. Connecticut has had how many female Governors?
  7. How many Congressional Districts are there currently in Connecticut?
  8. The mascot of the University of Connecticut is a Husky. What is the mascot's name?
  9. Combined the University of Connecticut's men's and women's basketball teams have won how many national championships?
  10. The City of Hartford is protected by levees to protect it from Connecticut River flooding. Which natural disaster prompted the building of the levees?
  11. Which of the following is NOT a museum or historic landmark in Connecticut?
  12. How many counties are there in Connecticut?
  13. How many telephone area codes are there in Connecticut?
  14. Which of the following athletes was not born in Connecticut?
  15. Of the following actresses which was born in Connecticut?
  16. In the 1960's there was a riot by concertgoers in New Haven when the lead singer of a rock band was arrested by the police. Which band was involved?
  17. Fairfield county is nicknamed?
  18. Hartford is the home of which of the following institutions of higher education?
  19. Which of the following rivers do not flow through Connecticut?
  20. The word "Connecticut" is of native American origin. It is roughly translated as what?

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