How Well Do You Know Connecticut?

With just 3 million people living there, Connecticut is a small state. How well do you know it? It has been a state since the late 1700s. If you scored well you are Connecticut Savavy, worthy of being the next governor.

Do you have what it takes to be Connecticut Savay? Take this quiz and find out in just a few short minutes. Think about it. Are you a real Connecticut Resident. Try your knowlege.

Created by: Marc
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  1. In 1975 a Kennedy Cousin Murdered a girl in this upper class town. Which town was it?
  2. Although it was in a different city and had different call letters when it first came on the air, what was Connecticut's First Radio Station?
  3. Population-wise, what is Connecticut's Largest City?
  4. Which Sandwich Chain is headquartered in Connecticut?
  5. Which Connecticut Radio Station was the first station in the state to have a reported in NYC on 9-11-01?
  6. What is the name of the FM hip-hop station in Hartford?
  7. What format did 93.7 have before they went hip-hop in 2001?
  8. The only Nordstroms in Connecticut is located in this mall. Which Mall is it?
  9. What now-defunct department store chain was headquarted in Rocky Hill?
  10. What is a nickname for New Britain?
  11. Bob's Discount Furniture is a major chain of furniture stores headquarted in the Norwhich-area. When did they open their first store?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Connecticut?