How CT are you?

There are many people who are wannabes and this quiz will tell you the truth if you are a wanna be Connecticuter. If you are truly from Connecticut this should be a no brainer! Connecticut is an awesome place to live and you should be proud you are from here!

Are You a Connecticuter? Do you have the knowledge of you're own state to pass this quiz? Because if you don't you are not gangster enough to be a Connecticuter! we are the sexiest state so other states don't hate!

Created by: Chelsey
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  1. When you refer to someone out of state where you live you always say near NY or MA?
  2. What college has the best basketball teams?
  3. Who is the coach of the girls basketball at UCONN?
  4. What ethnicity is there mostly in CT?
  5. The team "Wolf Pack" is located where?
  6. WHat kind of sport is the Wolf Pack?
  7. where do people mostly go to in summer?
  8. What is you're favorite baseball team if u live in the lower half of CT?
  9. what highway is there mostly of?
  10. do you have an accent?
  11. In school you've been to a field trip out of state?
  12. What is the major airport?
  13. What is the best month?
  14. What is a beach in CT?

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Quiz topic: How CT am I?