How Much Do You Know About Global Warming

Everyone has heard about global warming - but how much of the jargon do you really understand? When change creeps up upon us, it's easy not to notice the consequences. Take the quiz to see how much has passed you by.

The rules couldn't be simpler. Just tick what you think is the best answer. There may be some tricks, so, read carefully! Each time you give the right answer, you get a point. Most of the time, you won't loose any, except if you fall in a trick!

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  1. "Warming up" : Earth's temperature is increasing.
  2. Which country emits the most greenhouse gases?
  3. Which of the following lightbulb types uses the least energy, and therefore results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions?
  4. How Many human deaths per year does the World Health Organization attribute to climate change?
  5. How Long does it take for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to disperse?
  6. During what time of the day does air travel have the least damaging effect on the environment?
  7. Hybrid cars get better gas mileage than cars ith standard engines
  8. Which of the following industries could be negatively affected by global warming?
  9. The main cause of the modern warming trend is most likely to be:
  10. Which of the following is not true about an increasing greenhouse effect?
  11. Which country is the greenest ?
  12. Everybody is talking about Greenhouse gases.. even you! Let's see if you know what you are talking about... So, what are Greenhouse gases?
  13. Whenever we use electricity, we:
  14. During the 20th century alone, the average surface temperature of the earth has increased by how much?
  15. Each year there are approximately how many more motor vehicles in the world?
  16. What is at risk if sea levels rise only 4 inches?

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