Are you a global warming denier

Among all the information about global warming there is much disinformation and much muddying of the waters to confuse debate. We've all heard the claim. "18,000 scientists are global warming skeptics", and the "media is biased" etc.

There are vested interest groups who do no science of their but are engaged, for a fee, to plough the existing scientific literature to salad bar pick items for public confusion. This has been very successful. How much of a global warming denier are you? Take this test and find out.

Created by: gogo
  1. Global warming is
  2. The sun
  3. CO2 levels are currently about
  4. The world's glaciers
  5. David Bellamy
  6. The Arctic ice
  7. What does positive feedback mean in relation to global warning?
  8. Geosequestration is a horrible word and
  9. Even if global warming is true
  10. Ian Plimer
  11. The tipping point beyond which there can be no anthropogenic reversal is
  12. Climate scientists

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Quiz topic: Am I a global warming denier