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  • Your quiz results 75%
    You are 75% aware of global warming 75%

    You have a good understanding of the issues from varied sources. Keep learning and think about becoming involved in action to halt or slow global warming.

    One thing missing: the sooner that America crumbles, the more likely it will be that I won't have to literally hurt someone because of all the damage that America's doing to literally everything and everyone, even it's own. Again, don't make me keep wanting the next flying Mt. Everest to hit Earth and destroy all of Humanity. I literally hate you.

    • Luckily, I give this quiz a 3/5, because at least it gets SOMETHING right.

  • 4 1 thing, tell me how we have 'global warming' if we r moving AWAY from the sun each year.

    2nd, the average that the temp. have raised is 1 degree!...and scientists have even said that the earth's temp. varys every few yrs.

    3rdly, recyling does nothing. The country that recycled the most (4give me 4 i do not know the name)had 2 stop because cleaning the air aloud MORE sunlight through!

    Sarah Soda Slim
  • #1 closeness to the sun has relatively little to to with it

    #2 temperature change clearly is already having a huge effect

    #3 if your going to b---- about it, at least take the 3 or so minutes to go FIND the damn name


  • Global warming? Please. It's completely natural, no need to worry about it.


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