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  • "I can speak Ukrainian, so I can translate, even if you write it phonetically."
  • Traveling
    "My friend went to Alaska, and she said it was actually really cool."
  • Traveling
    "Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Washington D.C., Canada, Mexico, Jamaica"
  • No Subject
    "There are already movies of Twilight. Anything that starts as a book, then becomes a movie, then becomes a TV show NEVER turns out well."
  • Story Thread!
    "Poor Gump."
  • Where are you from?
    "I'm from the US too, but my grandparents and ancestors are all from Western Ukraine (Carpathian Mountains)."
  • Favorite Sport
    "I like volleyball and skiing. :D"
  • Favorite reality tv show
    "America's Next Top Model!!!!!! Also American Idol and MTV's Made and G's to Gents."
  • Future of the GOP
    "The best 2012 GOP candidate would be Mitt Romney, hands down. As for the party rebranding, I am totally against it. Why should we throw away..."

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