What music genre best describes you?

There are many different genres of music people listen to, the main ones being Pop, Rock, Alternative, and Hip/Hop. They all have different habits in rhythm, style, and overally are all unique from each other. They all have artists that define them, and maybe one of these genres will define YOU.

What genre will you be? Are you pop? Rock? Rap? What about Alternative? No one knows......except me and the results. So choose very, very, very, very (I'm trying to use up characters ;D) wisely!!

Created by: Jackie
  1. Firstly-what genre do YOu think best describes you?
  2. Most likely, you'll like a song with:
  3. What outfit most appeals to you?
  4. How many instruments do you play/do you like it?
  5. Your hair is......
  6. Your closet consists of mostly:
  7. Your response to "Hi!" would most likely be....
  8. Did you like this quiz? No effect.
  9. Your shoe of choice would be....
  10. You.....

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Quiz topic: What music genre best describes me?