How much of a Dork are you?

Dork are a rare breed of humanbs but when you do see them it's a sight to behold Dorkls come in all shapes and sizes and are very well...let's just say weird.

Do you ever snort when you laugh wear itchy sweaters or have embarrassing allergies? Does your mom baby you? Do you always get picked last? Let's see here.

Created by: ManderPander

  1. Do you wear glasses?
  2. Do you wear a vest or a sweater?
  3. Where is your ideal vacation?
  4. What clubs have you joined or wanted to join?
  5. Do you have bad allergies or fragile bones?
  6. Have you ever kissed a girl/boy?
  7. Your teacher has to take a potty break she asked you to teach the class everyone laughs do you teach them?
  8. You win your school's spelling bee time for the nationals what do you do?
  9. It's your time to become popular what do you do as your attention getter?
  10. Last question ANSWER

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Quiz topic: How much of a Dork am I?