Uncover Yourself

What is diversity quotient? The DQ is a score that measures the attitude of a person towards diverse environment. Together with the IQ, EQ and AQ, the DQ is the new indicator of your success in today's diverse work environment.

Uncover your unconscious biasness towards diversity and inclusion. For the first time, find out in just a few minutes in this short quiz, on your DQ score.

Created by: Ember
  1. You are comfortable working for a younger, female employer.
  2. You are comfortable trying ethnic foods.
  3. You respect religious beliefs of others.
  4. You respect the ethnic customs of others.
  5. You are comfortable working with people of various religious, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  6. Are most of your friends people
  7. If you were traveling abroad and found that conditions were much less hygienic than you are used to, would you
  8. Which statement do you most agree with
  9. When you have a strong belief, do you
  10. A friend is suffering from depression. Everything in his life seems to be fine, but he complains to you that he always feels depressed. Would you
  11. When young people question authority, do you

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Quiz topic: Uncover myself