Environmental Quiz

This quiz is made specifically for anyone who is interested in the environment that surrounds them. There are so many things that YOU can do to help better the world around us!

Do you think you know enough about your environment? Do you think you got what it takes to become an environmentalist? Take this test to find out just how much you really know!

Created by: Collin & Brie

  1. When brushing your teeth you should always....
  2. Keep the t.v off when your not watching it
  3. You should try to buy ___________ products.
  4. Insteaad of throwing out grass clippings after mowing, leave them on the __________.
  5. You can help your community by...
  6. It is better to buy ___________ batteries.
  7. Do not _______ any chemicals, or waste.
  8. Buying in bulk pakages will save you...
  9. Tires should NOT be well inflated.
  10. What BPA Region Members created this Website?

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