Are you AWARE??

It's time to get educated about the environment! We need to act soon or our poor mother earth will give out on us. As part of a class project, we've created this quiz as a starting point for all of those interested in being AWARE : )

Are you AWARE?? Take our short quiz and find out! It's not hard, I promise. It's important that we all know a few basics about environmental issues.

Created by: Miranda
  1. What country consumes the most energy in the world?
  2. What country produces the most energy in the world?
  3. What is the leading source of energy in the United States?
  4. Which of the following sources of energy is NOT renewable?
  5. Which of the following contribute to global warming?
  6. What percentage of the world's total water supply is fresh, accessible water?
  7. Which action can have the greatest impact on reducing the threat of global warming?
  8. Ozone in the earth's upper atmosphere forms a layer protecting us from harmful, cancer-causing sunlight but at ground level it is a primary component of:
  9. Which of the following lasts the longest in the environment?
  10. What is the term used to describe a substance that can be broken down and eaten up by microorganisms like bacteria?

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