About me and stuff

First off this is jsut a quiz bout me. So ppl can see what they know and dont know. Its jsut for fun.Its amusing to see tho how well your friends really do knwo you and how much scoop they're aware of.

Im silly so be aware there are a few questions on here put there intentionally to make ur eyes bug outta ur head and make ya giggle a bit hehe.IM HOPING...no one takes offend to anything lol i dont think i went that overboard anyhow.

Created by: Mireille of this site
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  1. Where do i live?
  2. Do i have any children?
  3. if you answered yes to the above question then how many?
  4. Whats my relationship status at the moment?
  5. How old am i?
  6. when's my bday?
  7. Whats my favorite time of year?
  8. What are my favorite types of movies?
  9. Where did i go for a while last year?
  10. What do i value the most?
  11. Whats my favorite color?
  12. What personalities am i most attracted to for friends,bf's?
  13. Who is my bestest girl friend?
  14. Whos my bestest guy friend?
  15. who is my most missed memory?
  16. Whats my favorite food?
  17. What my favorite drink?
  18. what is my dogs name?
  19. What is my biggest pet peave?
  20. What my fav type of music?
  21. Whats my favorite band?
  22. Whats my thing i do wayyy to much of?
  23. NOW lets have a lil fun.........have i ever been arrested?
  24. Have i ever broken the law?
  25. Have i ever cheated on someone?
  26. Would i do something really stupid for the fun of it?
  27. Have i ever been in a fist fight?
  28. Do i kiss on first dates?
  29. Have i ever done more then kiss on a firts date?
  30. Have i ever kissed a girl?
  31. Am i totally loosing my mind?
  32. How much longer can i stand being here?

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