Who will you love? part 15

*Phew* this took FOOOREVER to make, so you'd better like it! Grr >=) Ok, in this one there's weird theo dream stuff, Howl shopping stuff and Gavin family stuff. As well as me being a dork stuff =D But hey, you love my awkward dorkiness really ^-^

So this is for mooo (AKA: Mo) Wow.. I mean seriously, you totally pwned my drawings. Haha! your drawings are amazzzzing and Blake looked exactly as i imagined him (No really, he looked like identical!). I was very interested to see what 'i' looked like, i would should you a picture to compare.. if you want it =). Also the Conner pictures did not look at all gay. Anyway they are freaking awesome! I saved them to my laptop if you don't mind ^-^. Whoops i went on abit, haha. I'll let you get on with the quiz..

Created by: Alethea
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  1. you spin around and see Theo running toward you smiling. He's not dressed in all black like he usually is, he's wearing all white and you can see he has beautiful, angelic, pure white wings. "I know i look a little different but it's really me and I AM REAL." He says
  2. "So you think this is a dream?" He says raising his eyebrows slightly. "Well yes, i woke up last time so it must be." He sighs and takes your hand. "Hold on tight!" He warns as he spreads out his wings. "you want proof this isn't a dream? Here it is." He says
  3. He takes off into flight, spreading out his wings. He has a tight hold on you, you can feel the winds brushing against your face and going through your hair. It feels so real, but it can't be.. Can it?
  4. He pauses in mid-air. His grip on you is the only thing stopping you from falling. "So if this is a dream.. it doesn't matter if i drop you right?" He says loosening his grip slightly. "No!" you yell. He smiles and says "Don't worry, i'd NEVER hurt you."
  5. He flys down into a meadow. After a minute or two of silence He says "So.. Are you dateing any of those guys? y'know Conner, Gavin, Blake or Seth..?" He has a look of curiousity in his eyes. "yes! Well, no. Maybe.. It's complicated.." you say uncertainly "Oh." He says looking sort of dishearted.
  6. He looks at you and asks "What are you thinking?" you blush and randomly blurt out "Umm.. Er.. Sporks!!" He gives you a weird look and says "Oook then.."
  7. "Moving on from Sporks, i have something for you." He says smiling and holding out a small package wrapped in silver paper with a tag that reads 'Believe me yet?'. you look at him confused and say "Why are you giving me this." He smirks and leans in and whispers in your ear "I promise i'll tell you later, but for now i need you to do something for me.. Wake Up!"
  8. you wake up gasping and you look down and see a small silver package. your hands shake slightly as you read the label that says 'Believe me yet?'.
  9. you hear footsteps approaching your room and decide to hide the silver package. Gavin walks in and says "Sooo, i was thinking you and me go for a little Christmas shopping. Plus you must me bored outa your head of this place."
  10. "Cool, come down when you're ready. By the way, nice PJs." He says winking as he leaves. you look down and see you're wearing you're old piglet PJ top and knickers. you blush scarlett knowing Gavin just saw you wearing this. you change immediately and sort out your hair/make-up. you then head downstairs and eat breakfast with all the guys, Seth was feeling well enough to come down and eat so you talk with him and Blake. Gavin is looking for his wallet. Conner sits there barely eating anything, he keeps his head down and writes into his notebook. He only looks up once but you have to look away because he looks so broken and depressed it hurts to look.
  11. "Found it!!" Gavin yells. He comes in the kitchen waving his wallet. "C'mon! Let's go!" He says looking exited. you laugh at how childishly happy he can be sometimes and follow him out the door. "Byeee!" you say waving. you get to the car and he takes your hand but you get a small electric shock. "Owww!" you say laughing "What was that for?" His cheeks go a little pink "Umm yeah. When i'm very happy i get alot of energy i can't control. you might get shocked abit today." He says laughing.
  12. When you get to the shops Gavin gives you his wallet "Go wild!" He says laughing. "What about you?" you ask. "No problem, i'm covered" He says taking out his credit card. you shop together choosing what to get for all the guys you decide on;
  13. Gavin bought his presents too apart from yours "How about we split up to get each others present and meet here when we're done?" He says "Sure." you answer. He gives you a high five but also gives you an electric shock, he runs off laughing.
  14. you look around desparately, but then you see a electric shock game. Laughing to yourself, you buy it. (Finally a chance to shock Gavin back!). As you head out the store you're still thinking about how funny it'd be to shock Gavin and you accidently walk into someone. "Oh sorry!" you say blushing madly. "No, it's ok." the guy says lifting his head up. "Howl!?!" you say in disbelief.
  15. He looks shocked, you quickly gather up your bags and stand up. He does the same, he then snaps out of it and says "Where the hell have you been!!!" you blush and say "Umm.. it's hard to explain.." He's obvoiusly not happy with this answer "Seriously!! you have no idea how close i came to.." He trails off, unable to complete his sentence. then totally by suprise He gives you a huuuge hug!
  16. "I missed you." He says quietly. "I don't even remember what that stupid fight was about." He looks overjoyed and hugs you again. you laugh and hug him back "you're so stupid sometimes Howl!" He smells sweet like chocolate. He looks up and you see the shop owner has hung mistletoe on the door. Howl looks down and kisses you sweetly, dropping his shopping bags. you drop yours too. When he pulls away He smiles and says "Best Christmas present ever!"
  17. you remember Gavin will be waiting. "Sorry Howl!" you say running off, you don't dare look back to see his face. Gavin is sat down waiting. "Hey! _____, do you mind if i take you somewhere first before we go back?"
  18. Gavin takes you to a long street of houses, "there!" He says pointing to a small white house with a black roof and roses growing in the garden. "Why are we here?" you ask. "I thought i'd let you see my family.." He says. Come with me, he takes you up a hill, when you get to the top you sit down, there's a perfect view of Gavin's family's house. "that man there, is my biological father" He says pointing to a man with tan skin, dark hair and brown eyes (apart from his hair he looks exactly like an older version of Gavin). "She's my Mother." He says pointing to a small woman with her brown hair swept up into a ponytail, she looks happy and energetic.
  19. "their names are Chris Phillips and Dianne Phillips, they had a son, me and a daughter, Lily. Lily had a son called Jake. that's him there." He says pointing to a small boy who looks about 8. "they are my family." He says sounding proud and upset at the same time.
  20. "Gavin, why don't you talk to them?" you ask. He sighs deeply and says "A number of reasons, firstly because i've already given them enough trouble, because of me they were nearly killed. Plus i SHOULD be in my thirties by now but i'm frozen at 16.. i think it would scare them to see that, my little sister looks older than i do." He says, there's a minute of silence and then He says "I come here often, that's why i'm not really around the house that often. It's sad really, my Nephew and my Sister will never know i exist.. it breaks my heart."
  21. He suddenly smiles "Don't think i've gone soft!" He says putting his arm round your shoulder and poking your side. "I'm sure they loved you.." you say "I tried to get Blake to see what my memories were before i was taken away but He can only tell what i'm thinking right now.. So i was wondering, could you try?"
  22. He takes your hand and places it on his cheek. you concentrate but Gvin is a hard person to read so it takes time to find the right memory but you eventually find it. A man in a white lab coat is holding Gavin, another man in a lab coat has hold of Gavin's father. Gavin looks about 3, he's screaming and giving the an holding him electric shocks. Gavin's father is furious, he's shouting "Get your dirty hands off my Son!!", Gavin's mother is on her knees pleading "Please! Not Gavin! Don't take my baby!" He man holding Gavin takes one look at her desparate face and kicks her.. the memory fades..
  23. "Well?" Gavin asks holding your hand. "they loved you, they really did." you say with a sad smile. "thank you so much." He says hugging you tightly "you have no idea how much that means to me." He sits back and sighs "I want to give my parents a hug, i want to tell my nephew how proud i am, i want to tell my sister how much i wanted to be there for her, but most of all.. i want to kiss you."
  24. "But i won't." He says smiling. "I shouldn't do that to my friends." He stands up and offers his hand "C'mon let's get back." As you're going home one person is on vour mind..
  25. the house is completely silent when you enter "Hmm, they must have gone to bed already." says Gavin "Well whatever, i'm gonna go wrap up this stuff." He goes into his room. you go up into your room and remember the package you have hidden in your pillow case, you get it out and unwrap it. to your suprise it's a..
  26. Who do you L♥O♥V♥E?

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