Which Guy Will Be Your True Love (Part 1)

This Quiz is About 5 Guys Who Took You To Their Hideout Which is A Security Mansion. They Introduce You Themselves And Tell Them What Type Of Guy Matches Their Personality. No Matter What They Have Different Tastes And Attitudes. You Know What I Mean?

Which Guy Will Be Your True Love? What Taste And Attitude Would You Give? Until Now You Could Only Wonder About It...But Thanks To This Great Quiz, In Just A Few Minutes You Will Find Out!

Created by: Dendea
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  1. One Day You Hear A Knock On The Door But You Don't Know Who It Is. Who Do You Think is There?
  2. It Was A Smarty. He Comes To Your Bedroom. "Hey _____,". He Sits Next To You And Gives You A Kiss.
  3. Then A Punk Rocker And Muscles Guy Comes In The Room. "William, Get Your Butt Off Her Couch". Muscles Turns Around Facing The Door.
  4. The Punk Rocker Says "Hi, My Name is Alex". You Get All Confused Until He Introduces You His Friends. "This is Jack. A Strong Guy. This is Steve. A Sweetie To Everyone Else. I See You Met William. Hes A Smart Guy. And This is Cory. Some Freak."
  5. "Sorry We Took You To Our Hideout. We Don't Like Being Discovered Here. Let Me Tell You These Types Of Freaks We Are That Matches Our Personality. Me, Alex, Is A Darkness Type. Im A Shadow Devil. Jack Right Here, Hes A Burning Vampire. Cory, Well, Hes The Princess. (T.T Sounds Weird, Right?) Steve Is--".
  6. Steve Steps In Front Of Alex. "Im A Shadow Angel". You Faint Into Weirdness And Then Said "R-e-e-eally?". He Says "Yes. Cause im Really Sweet".
  7. Then William Sits Next To You And Gives You A Flower. You Smile Because He Was Being Sweet. But All The Guys Were Staring. Then Steve Said "Hey...Thats My Job! Giving Gifts To Girls! T.T".
  8. Then Alex Walked Out Of The Room After Having The Most Dumbest Conversation He Ever Went. "Looks Like Someone Is A Dark Head..." Says Jack As He Walks Out Of The Room. "I'll Come 2" Says Cory Running After Them.
  9. When Everybody But You Walks Out Of The Room, You Decide To See What Steve is Cooking. What Do You Think is Causing The Delicious Smell?
  10. When You Came To The Dining Room Wearing A Cute Outfit, Everybody But Alex Was Smiling. (Part 2 Coming Soon!)

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Quiz topic: Which Guy Will Be my True Love (Part 1)