The Love Tale (Part 1)

Hey, everybody! Welcome to my first part of the series, "The love tale". This is about you and four other guys in a big, fun and romantic adventure. Soon you and one of the four guys will be together forever. But this is just the beginning and you are going to need one of those guys as your true love! But who will be your true love? Will it be Timothy,Jake,Seth or Francis?

Heres the story: You are found in a cold mountain by four guys and you went into a restaurant. Until Timothy accidently killed the waitress. Then you appeared to be at the woods with a tent and a campfire set up. You find Seth at the tent when you heard his voice. But you irritated him and found his piece of paper with the lines written on it. Ooh...what a mystery!

Created by: BigGirl
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  1. You are stuck in a cold mountain and is freezing. you can't make a single move and you stood still in your comfortable hoodie. but your hoodie actually didn't work at all in the cold mist. then you see 4 guys appearing and you barely can see one of them. You see...
  2. You see one of the guys coming toward you with a really worried face. He kisses your hand and introduced himself. "Hi, um, new girl. My name is Francis. whats your name?". "My name is ____. nice to meet you!" You reply. then you get a thought bubble on your mind saying...
  3. (You chosen the 4th one) It seems to be that Francis read your mind and responded, "Really? that was very sweet of you.". Then Francis and the others come take you to their house. But it seems like that you and the guys are stopping at a fast-food restaurant. What do you order?
  4. "Sure," says the waitress. You seem to wonder looking through her. The guys smile. They introduced themselves, too. but except Francis. "Hi, my name is seth." says the one with the brown hair. "Hi, my name is Timothy." says the guy with the red hair. "And hi, my name is--"
  5. "My name is jake." says the guy with the blonde hair. Seth gives you a hot cocoa out of nowhere. "Thanks!" you say sweetly. you hug him until your order was ready. "Heres your food," says the waitress. "Now loan me the money." she continues. Then Timothy jumps out and tackles the waitress with some red eyes. With a growl, he tackled her very hard. you see lots of blood on the floor. What do you do?
  6. You use your reaction on one of the guys until Timothy stops with the red eye, breathing slowly. "Sorry 'bout that, _____." says Timothy back to his sweet voice. "He just gets a little angry with people, sometimes..." Seth tells you. You see the waitress lying on the floor with loads of blood. Later, after you were finished with your food, you went out of the restaurant. Then you ask Seth...
  7. Seth and the others bring you to a campout. It is really peaceful and too silent out in the woods. You sit at the fire while Francis roasts some marshmallows. Then Francis asks you, "_______, Which one of us do you like better?". What do you say?
  8. The guys smiled when you said you liked one of the guys. But then you heard this beautiful instrument playing inside the tent. You don't know what it is but you heard a love song that was about you and one of the other guys. You checked inside the tent and there was Seth playing a guitar. you only heard the words "We will be together forever" until he stopped. He had a red face upon him and he left the tent. When you checked, only Jake, Francis and Timothy were there.
  9. (You chosen the 1st one) Then Francis answers your question. "Well, he wanted some privacy writing his love song but you made him irritated so he left." he said. The rest of the guys nodded. "But i found this piece of paper." you said. It was a paper written with the words you heard from the tent. What do you do?
  10. Well, Thats all for now! Come back for part 2!

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