Secrets pt.2

Hey guys:D Ik its been forever nd I am terribly sorry for that this part is a bit long to make up for the time I lost, But personally I think its great, so suck it up and say you love it xP xD

Okay so the guys are introduced in this part nd I think you'll love a few of them;) anywho hope you guys enjoy and dont forget to comment and rate:D

Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. Hello my fellow people!:D As most of you know I held a character contest for this and I would like to say I got quit a few emails (mostly girls) and I sadly only had to choose one:( THe winner for the female character is not GTQer but has follwed me throughout my series and it's Bri Im not gonna give away who the character is sp :x And for the guy is... Jinx_TheSleuth:D I absolutly loved your character and he just made the cut congrats:)
  2. "Oh come on!" Mr.Barguess said cheerfully. You closed your eyes took a deep breath and stepped out. When you get out you stand there awkwardly as the Headmistress smiled. "You must be ______." She said in her british accent while shaking your hand. "I'm Ms. Melinie. I'm your headmistress, I'm so pleased to meet you. Now come on there's still a little time before school starts." She lops her arm into yours and starts walking while you follow with your backpack on your back and your suitcase in your hand. As Ms.Melinie was talking you wern't paying much attention but you looked around and saw that EVERYONE had uniform.
  3. When you get inside you raise your eyebrows at the scene, The floor has white tile and the stair are made of this soft velvet rug, and there was a chandilier, and there was a humongous fire place that kept the room warm, and the windows were huge and so clean it's like you can walk through it. There was multiple stairs leading to various floors but luckyily there was an elevator so you don't exactly have to carry your stuff you your room. BUt you notice the students arn't using the elevators 'Why arn't they using the elevators?!' You ask in your head and as you approach the elevators, you notice Ms. Melinie take out a small card and slide it into a small black slit on the wall, then the elevator opens. "Also a quick note, students arn't allowed to use the elevators." She said as the doors closed. "Um.. Ms.Melinie?" You say in a quiet tone. "Yes?" "Where exactly is my room?" You ask hoping it isn't that high up. "On the 11th floor." Your eyes widen as you look straight ahead. After about 7 seconds the doors open and without noticing you bump into what you think is a wall. ANd you fall backwards.
  4. When you hit the ground you land on your butt. "Ow." You say as you rub your head. "Oh! I'm so sorry!" A deep voice says in an Irish-British accent. The guy holds out a hand, you take it, and he pulls you up. You get a better look at him and he's tall maybe.. 5'10? 5'11? Your not sure, but he has short brown hair, beautiful cloudy blue eyes, and he's seems pretty muscular. Which explains why you thought it was wall. You both look down and see that theres papers everywhere. "Edwar""Chip." HE says before Ms.Melinie says his name. She takes a sharp breath "Would you PLEASE, Watch were you're going next time? I really don't want this poor girl injured on her first day of school." Once she said first day his eyes look directly at you, "So you must be the new girl everyone saw earlier? _____ right?" HE says to you. "Yea, and how do you know my name?" He smiles and when he does you see one cute dimple on his cheek. "I help out in the office, Im Edward btw, but everyone calls me Chip." He says politely. You shake his hand "Nice to meet you." YOu smile back. Before you can continue the conversation, Ms.Melinie cuts in "Well isn't it nice to already have friend? But we need to get you settled in to your room." She says trying not to be rude. You nod and pick your things up. "Well I see around." Chip says as he smiles and bends down to pick the papers up.
  5. "Nice boy isn't he?" Ms.Melinie says as you turn the corner. "Very nice." You smile. "But don't worry Im sure you'll see him around school." Then she stops you in front of a door "Room 306." She announces, as she pulls out a key and unlocks it. The door opens and you look at your new room. It has wood flooring, with white walls, a dresser, a small bathroom, closet, one large window, and a fluffy bed with no blankets or pillows. "Uh." You say, becuase you seriously wern't expecting this. "Oh I forgot to mention new students have the first day "off" To settle in and that means that you choose your bleankets, wall color, posters, or more furniture, if you want theres a student store on the first floor. And you still have 7 whole hours to the stores down stairs by yourself, they get a bit crowded with students after school." She says as she walks to the door. "But I don't have money." "Don't worry about it, all you have to do is give them your ID number and you rent it for the year, or return it soon, depends if you like it or not." 'Easy enough' You think. "But if you damage it your in trobule." She says in a serious tone. "Well I'll leavfe you to get settled, bye!" She says as she closes the door.
  6. You stand there in your room and you hear your stomack growl, you don't think you need a sweater so you just go outside, after about 15 minutes of mindlessly walking through the many staircases you finally find the first floor and see a fancy dining room, with hardwood polished floors, long rows of tables filled with students, and a huge fireplace on the right side of the wall, keeping the room warm, you get into line and get yourself a cinimon roll with some milk, when you finish paying you turn to find a place to sit and you bump into someone "Watch it!" Youy hear a girl skreik as youre pushed backwards and land on your back.
  7. You look up and see a girl thats tall maybe 5'9? With long wavy blonde hair, china doll white skin, A french accent and stricking blue eyes that are filled with fury. You look at what she's wearing and see that she doesn't have uniform on but a long scarlet pea-coat that is now covered in gooey frosting. "I-I'm sorry." You say as you stand up. "You think sorry can fix my $500 coat?!" She says approaching you. "Knock it off Marie." You hear another girl say as the strange girl pushes you slightly behind her. You look at her and see thats she has pixie cut white hair, with amber eyes that seem to pop because of the eyeliner and masscura she's wearing. Marie stops and stares at the girl. "Oh hello there Skylar I didn;t see you there behind this horride mess in fromt of me." Skylar Smiles evily, "Get to class before more food makes its way to your nice, expensive PEA-coat." She says fingering one of the buttons while holding a chocolatey muffin in the other hand. Marie looks horrifyed to the threat and takes one last look at you then storms off followed by a group of girls wearing similar outfits. You turn to thank the strange girl but you're shocked to find her glaring at you with eyes filled with frutration and pity. "What the hell were you thinking when you decided to mess with Marie?" You're takin aback by her tone. "It wasn't my fault! It was an accident!" She rolls her eyes "Well that ACCIDENT already got into trobule with Marie Thérí¨se Charlotte, daughter of one of the most famous stylist in france and queen of the populars." She says sarcasticaly and starts to walk outside. You walk after her because you don't want to be alone, once she opens the doors you instantly start shivering, she stops and turns to face you and smiles sympathicaly, "Why didn't you bring a sweater?" "I-I-I didn't t-think it would be th-this c-cold." "You got a lot to learn." She opens her backpack and hands you a black hoodie. "I think you already caught my name." She says after you put on the sweater. "I'm _____, and do you by any chance know where the student store is?" She loops her arm around your shoulder and starts walking "Stick with me kid and you'll do just fine."
  8. "So where you from?" Skylar asks you as the both of you are walking up the stairs. "I'm from this small town in Iowa, wbu?" You ask trying to take the spotlight off of yourself. "From California, I litteraly have no idea how I got accepted here." You both share a laugh, then you accidently drop one of the bags and a bunch your posters undo themsleves, andland at your feet, the both of you look at eachother with a tired look, You take a breath and you turn around and start picking them up. Then you hear someone come up the stairs, "Oh do you need help with those?" You hear another american voice said, you look up and see a tall probualy 17 year old that looks fit and could be a bascketball player, with carmel colored skin, and comforting brown eyes, Before you canrefuse he starts helping you. When you start putting the posters back in the bag with this nice stranger you glance up the stairs and see Skylars' head peaking around a corner smiling at you mouthing "HOTTIE!". You blush and then you get up. "Oh thank you.." "Symus." He says holding out his hand, "But most most people call me Sy(sss-iiii)." You shake his hand and his s=hand is pretty soft for a bascketball palyer. "I'm ______. ______ ______." He smiles, "Nice to meet you. Do you need help with your bags?" "Oh no my friedn is helping me she's right-" You don't see her anymore and you walk the 6 steps to the next floor and see her siting there drinking soda, when she sees Sy she almost spits her soda out. "-there." He smiles and says "Well I guess I'll see you around school?" You turn to him and stare into his eyes. "Uh sure, deffinatly." He smiles and walks away.
  9. "He was sooooo into you." Skylar exclaims as you help her up. You blush "No he wasn't..." After a what seems like a very long debate up the stair you finally make it to your dorm room. Her mouth widens when you get to the door. "306?" She ask getting excited. "Yes, ma'am." "I'm so grateful my dorm is 312, jst down the hall." You smile, cuz she's pretty cool to hang out with. When helps you put your bags on the bed, a bell rings. "Thats my cue to get to class." She walks to the door, "I'll see probualy during lunch, or my free period. Bye" She says as she closes the door. You look at the bed, you would take a nap but you feel like if you don't make it homier it's gonna bother you so you get right to work. You paint the walls and your suprised of how fast it drys. You put up posters of your celb. crushes/fav bands etc. You make your bed (Whatever design), and the final touches are the props. You put a little bookshelf, and school suplies on your desk, brush and curler/straightner on the dresser, toothbursh and toothpaste in the bathroom, your clothes in the closet, and finally a nice small fluffy rug, and a beanbag chair. Now it's exactly how you want it.
  10. You realize you still have to go to the office to get your schedual for tomorrow, so grouchily get up from the chair and make your way down the long rows of stairs. You FINALLY get to the first floor and it feels eiry, and empty without all the students. You go to the front desk and see the woman and ask for your schedual. She gives some advice to walk around school and explore where your classes are so you arn't totaly lost tomorrow. You walk outside and remeber that you still have Isabel's sweater on, you shrug and tell yourself that you'll give it to her later. You decide to walk around this huge school, you can still hardly beleive this humongus castile is a school. You turn the corner and see a guy leaned up against the wall listening to his ipod drinking something from a metal cup, and drawing on a sketch pad. As you get closer you catch a description of him, he looks tall, he has black hair, pale skin, and amazing electric blue eyes. Then he cathces you starring at him. He gets up, and pushes pause on his ipod. "Sup." He says smiling, looking at you up and down. You feel uncomfortable but you shake it off. "Hi." You say nervously. "Let me guess...._____ right? You're the american and the one who punched Marie?" He says in a badboy british accent smirking. "Yes that is my name, and I did NOT punch her. It was an accident and sorry for asking this but.... Are you stalking me?" You say widening your eyes at this information he knows about you. He chuckels. "Well if you "accidently" run into Marie, and have a girl shreik in the cafeteria it's kinda hard not to miss." He says smiling. Youre taken aback by his smooth way of handling it, and you stay quiet. "The name is Raiden btw." He says looking at you with electric blue eyes that seem so viberante and alive, yet so dangerous. "You already know my name my good sir." You say curtsing. He laughs "You're cute." You blush a little but youre curious why he isn't in class. "Are you ditching?" You ask curiously. He smirks "It's always healthy to ditch every once in a while." Then you look at the metal cup thing he has in his hand, "Whats that?" He looks at the cup "My medicine." Then he blows a quick breath at you, you smell a spicy scent. "What was that for?" You asked weirded out. "It's just another way to show you it's not booze." He says taking another drag at it before putting it in his his jacket. Then you hear the bell ring "Well I gtg I'm exploring." You say starting to walk off, you desperatly want to stay a little longer but you have a feeling that isn't the best idea. "May I come with you?" He asks you before you leave, you turn around and shake your head "Get to class!" You say smiling.
  11. 3 more bells ring as you walk around and you notice that everyone is getting in line to go get lunch, while you're in the courtyard you see Skylar talking to someone wearing an almost exact same black hoodie she let you borrow, you walk towards her and the stranger in the hooded figure just walks away before you even get within' 10 ft from where they're standing. You approach her, "Who was that?" She doesn't look at you and just glares at the figure as it walks away dissapearing amoung the crowd. "No one important." The both of you find a table to sit at, out of her bag she hands you a sandwhich, a cookie, and some soda. She watches you eat it as she takes a similar flask that Raiden had out of her pocket and takes a drink from it. "What is that?" You ask with your mouth full, "Just some protein drink." She simply replies. Then the both of you have the random conversation and out of nowhere she starts talking really fast, you can bearly understand her, she makes all these motions with her hands and you just break out in laughter. She looks at you with confusin "Why are you laughing?! This is a series matter of who stole my flippin pencil!" She shouts, laughing with you. "I'm sorry." You say wiping a tear away from your eye. "You're talking so fast I can't understand wth youre saying." She sticks her tongue out at you. "Well how rude-" She says sitting staight and putting her hands on her hips. Then you both smile. Then you notice something at the corner of your eye, you look behind her and see Chip, Raiden, and Sy sitting together, each sneaking glances at you.
  12. Skylar looks at you "Oh lala do tell." She says to you. You blush and look at your hands, "Shut up." You smile. You look back up to look at them but theyre gone. Youre confused so you look around the court yard and see a bunch of girls surrounding one table. You wonder what theyre looking at but then one of the girls move and see it. You see a guy with dirty blonde hair, perfect tan, a sparkly white smile, seductive brown eyes, and well toned body and you can see his muscles becuase he losend his collar and pulled up his sleeves. He looks at you, smiles, and winks. You blush hard, and you can't help but to keep starring. "Who is that?" You ask Skylar. She looks at the person youre starring at and rolls her eyes. "Ryan, one of the hottest guys in school. But trust me I'd rather stay away from him." "Why?" You ask suprised why she would say such a thing. She takes out her little flask and takes another drink from it. "Lets just say he... "gets around"" She says adding air quotes.
  13. "Oh.." You stay quite and look away from him. "Oh MY BOB!" Skylar screams out of no where, you yelp cuz you didnt expect that. "What?!" "I left my notebook in the bathroom, I'll be right back." "Thats no reason to scream..." You mumble to yourself as she quickly walks away. The bell rings and you dnt really have anywhere to go so you stay to take care of her stuff. Then the girls disperse from the table, and Ryan is sitting alone, with feet propped up on the table and looking directly you, he gets up and starts walking to you. You stay still as he approches. His sleevs are still rolled up, and his collar is still lose and he has nice colorbone as you can see. He leans on the pole right next to your table, puts his hands on his pockets and smiles. "I beleive we never met before." He says in a american accent. "I'm Ryan, you must be _____." You stay quite and continue to stare at him wideyed. he chuckels, and smiles wider "I get that alot." "That's nice to know." You say awkwardly laughs and sits next to you and puts his arm around you. "I hear you came from america, I also heard what happend in the cafetaria. Youre pretty badass, and I have a thing for bad girls." He says looking into your eyes. Youre still quiet and cant really manage to breath. Then theres a slap on the table and you jump and see Skylar sitting there glaring at Ryan. "Skylar." He says sitting up straight and looking at her a bit differently. "Hi Ryan. Bye Ryan." She says a bit rudely. "Oh is that how you treat an old friend?" He says making puppydog eyes. "We were NEVER friends." She says with a straight face. He looks away from her and from looks at you, "Later cutie." Then he gets up and walks away.
  14. You didn't ask Skylar what her problem was, but you guys did hang out till she got a txt saying that the teacher noticed she was missing from class so she got detention. You wandered around by yourself you went to your dorm room and was looking through some books to see if theres anything to read then you stumble upon somethign you completly forgot about, something that made you start to shake and shiver at the memories. It's your old journal. You grab it and walk back downt he stairs, and run to the small lake, you see a tree and it's about twilight so you assum theres no one there. You run as fast as you can to the tree and fall to the ground and start to sob, and curse at the sky. Then voices start going through your head, "It's your fault." "it shouldve been you." "Why dont you just kill yourself?" "I can never look at you again." You cant see because of the tears in your eyes then after a while you see a figure kneeling right next to you starring. You clear your eyes and see the same guy you saw at the airport. He's starring at you with sympathy and curiousity. You stare at him and he stares at you. "Hi I'm Alec."
  15. Cliffhanger!!! Omfg Ik I've been gone forever but Ive been cuaght up in so many things and I promise yoy guys the next part of forever and always will be done by thursay cuz me and my sister made a bet so Ima win a dollar! ^.^ lmao anyways sorry for the crappy cliffhanger, but I need to guys to bear with me and appretaite it and dnt worry Im gonna start on the 3rd part as soon as I can but anyway rate, comment, or whatever:) Bye:D

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