Messed Up Love (part 3)

*British accent* Hello Internet~! Just kidding, I'm not Dan. ^_^ Fooled ya! Anyway, hey guys! Really sorry that this quiz took FOREVER! At least you find out your element!!

Again, hey. So the guys aren't in this part... Sowwey again. But um.... Go take the quiz! ^_^ I have no idea what to write here. Sawyer Hartman. Dan Howell.

Created by: Pjlover
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  1. **Time Forward, the next day on the bus** "Hey Rachel?" you ask as soon as you slide into your seat. "Yeah?" she replies. "I just realized something, you never told me my element," you say. "Oh yeah! Congrats you are fire!!!!! Speaking of which, you'll need to start training today after school. Meet me & Sam at the portal at 3:45," Rachel says just as you arrive at school.
  2. **Time forward, 3:45!** "Hey guys," you say as you approach the portal. "Hey _________," Sam and Rachel reply. "Well what are waiting for? Let's go in!" Rachel says pulling you and Sam into the portal with her.
  3. About two seconds later, you Sam and Rachel are in a forest with with a big clearing in the middle. In the clearing there are four different wood building standing side by side. One has a water droplet on top which must be the Water building, one has an earth on top which must be the Earth building; one has a lightning bolt on top which must be the Weather building, and lastly, one has a fire on top which must be the Fire building.
  4. "See you at 5:45! Hope you have fun!" Rachel calls to you as she heads towards the weather building with Sam. "See ya!" you reply heading towards the fire building. Just as you are about to enter the building a guard stops you.
  5. SKIP DIS QUESTION. I messed up.
  6. "I haven't seen you around here before," the guard says eyeing you suspiciously. "I got it! You're one of those spies out to destroy the human race and Quell!!!" he says. "Your coming with me," he adds. "Wait!!!!!!!! I'm not a spy! I'm a new Quell Wizard!" you exclaim. "Oh yes, I see you on the new recruit list, sorry, you may enter," the guard says blushing. Without replying you enter the fire building.
  7. As soon as you enter a tall blonde girl with bright blue eyes waves you over. As you approach her, she starts talking- "Hi, you must be _______, I'm Bella, your concentration trainer." she says smiling kindly. "My concentration trainer?" you ask."Yes your concentration trainer. I'll explain eveything in a few moments but for now just follow me," Bella says walking towards an elevator.
  8. You follow Bella obediently towards a large glass elevator. As the doors close, Bella smiles. "Nervous?" She asks. "Yeah.." You reply, with a nod of a head. 'Wow. This is awkward...' You think. Finally the elevator stops on the 10th floor.
  9. Crappy... Cliffhanger!
  10. Hey guys. ^~^ Uh, I'm reaaaaallllly sorry about how late this is. I've just never really had time. Also, sorry that there are no guys this part! Again, really sorry about the lateness. I will try to get the next part out and include a buttload of the guys. So... Peace! ~Pjlover
  11. I also feel the need to explain my username. Okai, Pjlover stands for Percy Jackson lover. So yah. Oh and come back for part 4????

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