Darkened Edges pt 2

So this quiz is a sort of survival love thing, but dont get messed up because there will be plenty of action! For mostly girls unless you guys are into this stuff...:/

Just coping what I wrote in the first. So this quiz is a sort of survival love thing, but dont get messed up because there will be plenty of action! For mostly girls unless you guys are into this stuff...:/

Created by: Crimsonbound
  1. A strangled growl escaped my throught and I curled into a ball. "Are you ok?" the masculin voice called and I heard a scuffle. "Dont. Come. Any. Closer." I ground out. I didnt want to bebitter, but the burning thirst only burned with a greater pain as his scent engulfed my nose. "Seriously are you okay?" he said and came closer. I groaned and rolled into the farthest corner away from him. I couldnt speak now, for an unbearable pain sared throught my jaw. Yet still with all warnings he walked closer, not knowing this was the closet part in all of the horror movies. He just wouldnt listen. My vision blurred into a fury glazed red and suddenly I was being lifted from the ground.
  2. When I felt his arms go around me my brain snapped. Just the close proximity of him set my senses into a blaze. Before I knew what was happening my mouth was at his beating pulse and a warm sweet liquid was spilling into my mouth. I couldnt stop myself. Somewhere deep down I knew I should stop but that was drowned by the burning hunger within me. I felt his legs buckle and suddenly we were on the ground. My head hit the floor and bounced off with a dull thud. Suddenly I had full controll of my body again and I jumped up gasping for air. I felt refreshed... Amazing. Suddenly the darkness didnt matter and I could see as clearly as if it were day itself, but none of that had added any comfort to me... I had just... drank a guys blood... Oh dear god, what am I? I'm a monster...
  3. My hands trembled as I stared down at the unconsious guy at my feet. He had jet black hair that was a bit shaggy and hung in his eyes... Those unushual purple eyes... He looked to be sixteen, my age. Or atleast I think my age. I dont know much of anything anymore. Bending down I noticed three scars just below his chin and I traced my fingers along them, not knowing what had come over me. I didnt notice his eyes blink open, and jumped away when I noticed they were. "Its okay Nyx. I know who you are now. No need to run from me." he said with a glint of humor in his eyes. "Y-you dont know me." I sputtered and backed into the dreadful corner. He smiled sadly down at me. "Now I do... You dont know anything about yourself do you?" I shook my head in denial. "I know everything about myself. I AM me." Again he smiled sadly down at me. "No, you dont... But with that bite, I know everything about you... With that bite you made me yours. I am your warrior."
  4. That was when the world exploded, metaphoricly. "THAT IS A LOADOF... There is NO WAY in hell you are my FREAKING SLAVE!!!" I bellowed and stood up. Even standing he was a full five inches taller than me. Softly and calmly he spoke his next words "Oh but I am no slave. I am a warrior" He said and slowly his head descended to mine. I faultered and froze. I was about to shove him away when there was a soft clicking sound and we were bathed in a brilliant light.
  5. The ground underneath us began to quake and with a jolt lifted us up into the air and deposited us onto some soft grassy substancy. I began to blink open my eyes satred in amazment at the sapce around us. "They have a park in here?" It was just a big grassy feild with a single lonely tree, sad reminder of where we were. "I guess you could call it that." a deep voice chuckled from behind me. I spun around to face the sound and was greeted by three guys, and only one of them I knew... Just barely. "My god... How many are their?" I groaned, and looked down at the smallest one. He was about seven and looked up at me with shy eyes. It felt like a wound was reopened as I looked down at the small boy. "Jamie.. Oh god Jamie..." I wispered and dropped to my knees as sobbs racked my body. The boy reminded me so much of him... I had failed him...
  6. Iheard a loud groan and suddenly I was being lifted into someones arms. I tried to shove him away, but his arms were steel bands wrapped around me, and I knew he woudnt let go. Suddenly I was sent flying through the air and my head bounced of the ground with a dizzing brutalness. "KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!!" a sightly musical voice belowed. I tried to see who it was, but my eyes wouldnt clear. "Why do you care angel boy?" I the guy from eairlier bellow. "Slade Cool it." Toe same older voice warned. here was a scuffle and some grunts and finaly my head cleared. I saw Slade, the guy I bit struggling against a familiar looking blonde haired guy... I dont know why he looked familiar though. Maybe it was the blonde... hair. Suddenly I realised who the wonder boy was, just as his bright blue eyes commected with mine. "Jamie!"
  7. His expression sofened from his hard rage filled look to a relived one. He shoved Slade off of him and ran over to me, reminding me of the little boy I had raised. I gathered him up in a loving hug and my tears dried on my face. "Nyx... I thought you were dead! The things here... Are so bad. Every one in this room is an experi..." He pulled away slightly and looked at my face. Then he scanned the rest of my body with a sort of panic. "What did they do to you?" he whispered, almost frantic. Suddenly I remembered what I had done to Slade eairlier and I shoved him away. He looked down at me and I emmidiately regreted the hurt I saw in his eyes. "Stay away, Jamie." I told him, "I'll hurt you." His eyes were wide with shock and he looked over to Slade. They seemed to exchange nodds before Slade spoke. "They modified her with vampiric genes."
  8. "So she is a vampire Mr. Knowitall?" Jamie asked with sarcasm dripping off every word. Slade's lip curled slightly. "Basicly yes, angel." Slade said as if he was bored with their conversation. "What do you mean?" I asked quietly. I couldnt help but notice the tension between these two and didnt want to pick sides. Slades expression changed again to a softer one as he looked at me. "Well, we have no idea what powers you have so..." I nodded. "Ok." Slade reached out and touched my shoulder comfortingly and I smiled. Jamie made a sort of growling sound and Slades eyes shone a wicked glimmer. He pulled me against his body and softly put his lips down on mine in what must have looked like a passionate kiss. I knew we shouldnt do this... But my mind became foggy and weak. For the second time Slade was ripped away from me and I blinked, frozen for a moment as two large wings unfolded before me. One was white and one was black, but both beautiful and strong.
  9. So whatcha thinks? Its a bit longer than last time and I put it out on Christmas as a present to anyone that takes it.
  10. So merry happy whatever nd hope to see you later!

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