Highlights Part 4

MUST READ!!!! Thanks yal! Ok so part 4 isnt good but hopefully part 5 will have alot more action and stuff. Ok so yea. Shout out goes to amazingfulyweird! CONGRATZ! Oh and if you score Chris, i made a mistake! He didnt stay behind. He went BACK.

Thanks again guys! So far I think I havent forgot anything. Hopefully... So stay tuned and yea! I really want to thank you guys for taking this quiz! means alot!

Created by: RoCkItOuT

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  1. You see a guy walk in. He has dirty blond hair, black highlight that looks awesome! and he is bout ur hight. "You came. Great!" He says. A huge smile spreads across his face. Chris, Chase, and Kyle walk in. "Cindy, you can't go dragging-" Chase says and saw the myster dude. "Simon???" Chris says and runs in for a huge hug. "I need to get Derek!" He says and nearly trips over you. You cant help but laugh a little. Chris stumbles some more and runs into Derek. "Watch it!" Derek yells. He looks up and see you and Simon. Derek smiles. "Hey bro!" Simon says. "BRO???" You and Kyle ask.
  2. "Well, foster brothers." Simon shrugs. "Tori is on the couch taking a nap." He says. You turn and see Kola trying to wake Tori. She giggles softly but you can still hear it. "DONT!" Simon yells. Kola stumbles back. You see a pink highlight. "PINK?" Kola mouths. "Whats pink?" you ask. "They can see the future and can teleport. Did i mention they can be bratty too??" Simon says. "And they're dating!" Chris whispers in your ear. "WHO DA THUNK HUH?" He screams-whispers in your ear. You laugh and see Simon staring. "Chris, slap yourself." He says. Chris slaps him self 3 times. "NOT COOL!" Chase says. 'Make him fall of that tree!" He corrects. You smile. and Cindy comes in. "__________, You sleeping in Kola's room. Carter says." She says. You just nod and wave bye. Derek catches you for a second. "Be careful, I'll be next door." He whispers. You kiss him on the cheek and Kola tears you away from him. "COMMON! I HAVE TO SHOW MY ROOM!" She yells. "BYE ________!" You hear Chris, Chase, and Kyle yell. Derek just watchs you get dragged up the stairs.
  3. Kola throws you in a room. It was purple and white. She run out and comes back with a mini bed. She throws it on the floor and sits on her bed. "I'm sorry if im hyper and CRAZY! I am the engergetic one in the family. Sooooo," She starts. "I don't really know. This is like so fast." You say.
  4. Then there was a huge smash and screaming downstairs. Kola jumps out and tells you to stay quiet. She cracks the door open and leads you downstairs. You see these guys in black coats attacking the dudes downstairs. Cindy was fighting hard while Derek and Kyle worked together. Chase runs up the stairs. "I have to get out of here!" He says. He runs upstairs and jumps out of a window. Chris was fighting dudes with Jacky. Simon was outside fighting more guys. You see Tori jump from plc to plc. Kola immedietly jumps into action. You jump in too and fight hard. "GET _____________ OUT OF HERE!" Cindy yells. Jacky grabs your arm and drags you to the back of the house. "WAIT!" You yell and pull out of her grip. "I want to fight!" you yell and start running back. Jacky grabs you again. "TYSON IS COMING DAMMIT! YOU CANT STAY OR WE ARE ALL DEAD!" She yells. You see the group running toward you. "GO GO GO!!!" Chris yells. you all run out of the back door. You ran as fast as possible into the woods. "Get in the trees!" Carter yells. You finally see her and she was up in a tree. You all climb up and wait.
  5. "Where's Derek?" Jacky snaps. "Where's my brother Kyle?" She asks. You look around and dont see Derek. Kyle looks down with a disappointed look. "He stayed behind to fight." He says. Chris jumps down. "WHERE ARE U GOING?!" Cindy yells. "TO GET MY BEST FRIEND BACK!" He yells. Simon whispers something to Tori and jumps down. He jumps down but jacky catchs his shirt. "We aren't losing you." She says. "We need to use Kit's plc." SHe said. "my dad isn't around anymore. We can use Andrew's plc tho. He moved but left the house for my dad." He says. "Andrew's plc is crawling with those black coats now. we need to get out of town. Code Tori." He says. "No, my mom is using tht house! we can use the miami one." Tori says. Cindy shakes her head. "Lets head to town and figure it out there."
  6. *FAST FORWARD* You are in a mcdonalds eating. "I hate eating fake meeat." Tori moans. Simon kisses her forehead and she leans on his shoulder. "Chase is undercover right now. He'll give us a call, hopefully." Jacky says. She bangs her fist on the table. "I can't believe i lost my brother to Tyson." She says. "It's not our fault. Tyson probably tracked _______ Down with his backpackers." Carter says. "We need to go back for Derek and Chris. Derek stayed behind to protect us and Chris was smart enough to go after him. I'm going back, no matter what!" You yell. you get up and storm out. You head down the street. "I'm coming too!" You turn and see Kola, Kyle, Carter, Cindy, and Jacky. "What about Simon and Tori?" You ask. "They're coming." Kola says. You smile and wait for them. When they come out, you all head down the street. "Can we teleport instead?" Tori asks. You guys smile and nod. You hold hands and then you teleport to The woods. "This is as close to Tyson's plc as I can get." She says.
  7. **DEREK'S POV** I got dragged to Tyson. "Derek," I heard. "Derek, we're brothers! how much longer are you going to hate me?" He yells. "We were twins! You turned into a monster! You're just jealous that im a green while your just a yellow." I spat. Tyson smacked my face. "Don't you dare talk to me like that!" He yells. "Look, I just dont want to be diffrent anymore. Just help me and I wont bother you anymore, just plz." He says. "No." I snapped.
  8. I saw Chris get dragged in. "We caught this one sneaking around" A guard said. Tyson smiles. "Good to see you Chris." He says. "You haven't changed a bit." Chris says. "Tyson, let him go." I said. "Shut up." His face turned alittle but didn't look at me.
  9. **TYSON'S POV** Why did Derek hate me? I hate being different. I hate being laughed at. why doesn't he understand?! He always had Simon's back when dad abandoned us. Now what about me?! If only he knew. Only if he knew.
  10. **YOUR POV** We were at the side of the hideout. It looked like a house, a normal house. Only Derek and Chris were probably being beatin just to tell Tyson where I am. "______, are you ok?" Kyle asks. You just nod. Simon trips over something. "s---! trip wire!" He whispers. Suddenly, you were ambushed. Kyle runs the other way but you couldnt catch him. You are left behind, surrounded by black coats.
  11. CLIFFHANGER! I know, action part was right there! Haha. well im still makeing up a contest! I'm stupid :P. Well who do you like?

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