Highlights Part 2

ok, so 1st, THX SINGIN234 for being the first to comment! Ok for the next paragraph, i need to explain the whole highlight thing since amazingfulyweird asked. sorry bout that. I will give shout out to first person to comment! Oh and if this was fast, im a speed demon and have a tight schedule.

ok, highlights are ike supernaturals. IDK what colors im going to add so i'll tell you what powers they are along the way. for now, green- all powers! white- blend in, able to change appearance, and can turn invisible and make force fields. red- FIRE! they are really fast too. thats it right? if i miss somethin, plz comment and tell me. i make lots of mistakes :P

Created by: RoCkItOuT
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  1. Recap: you run to your room and find the creepy guy from the dream. He also pulls out a knife
  2. You scream but the guy runs over and covers your mouth. He places the knife on your throat, ready to slice. "If anyone knocks, say your fine or you die," He whispers in your ear. You follow his orders when the guy lets go and falls to the floor. You turn and see a guy with dark hair. You think it was Derek but this guy has red Highlights, not green. There was a girl behind him. She ran after the guy on the floor. She stops when there was a small puff of smoke. When it cleared, the guy was gone. "Jacky, lock the balcony." The guy says. Then Derek kicks down the door. Kyle came in and ran toward you. This time, there was a girl with him. "Chris! Jacky!" Derek yelled. they formed a small group hug. "Cindy, get over here." You hear Derek say. "Ok, time to explain." You say. You ball your fists and relax.
  3. "This is my sister Jacky." Derek says. She steps into the light. She has long blond hair with bangs, you noticed a red highlight, and she has crystal blue eyes. "This is Chris, my best friend." Derek points to the guy who saved you. He has dark hair and red highlights like Jacky. "That's Cindy. She is a friend from Arizona. She came because her location was exposed." Derek says. Cindy has blond hair and dark blue eyes with a white highlight like Kyle. You wave hi and sit on the bed. You feel light headed. "You ok?" Kyle asks. You nod. "To tell you the truth ______, Kyle is a highlight. He's a white." Derek says. You look at Kyle. You slap him and run out of the room.
  4. You run into a room that was an underwater theme. You lock the door and fall on the bed. You sleep until there was knocking at the balcony. You jumped and saw the man again. He had a black eye this time. You stumble around looking for a weapon while the guy picked the lock. HA! you found a gun! lucky you! You pointed it at him. He was inside and stops. "You don't want to do that darling." He says. "Shut up." You snap. "Get on the floor." You order.
  5. He does what you said. "You don't know what your doing girl." He guy growls. "I have questions and want answers, now." You snap. "Who are you?" You ask. He didn't answer. You push the gun down so he can feel it. He sighed. "My name is-" There was knocking. "____? You in here," You hear. You keep staring at the guy. "Who are you," You say. "I'm someone you already know." He smirks. "No games," You point the gun at him. "Ok, I'm Tyson." He says. Then he pulls your leg which make you fall. You fall to the floor and Derek kicks the door open. "________!" He yells. You get up and fight the guy who trys to get up. You kick him and elbow him. You seem to know his every move. You flip him and he falls to the floor.
  6. You look at Derek who backs away slowly. You look at Tyson whos gone. "What did he look like?" Derek asks. "What?" You ask. "What did he look like?!" He yells. You close your eyes and try to remember but nothing comes up. Only a shadow. You shake your head. Derek kicks the door frame. Jacky came in. "Tyson?" She asks. Derek storms off. "Who was that?" You ask. Jacky walks over and sits down
  7. "Tyson is Derek's brother which means he's my brother too. Ok, this might be confuseing. Years ago, we all got along until one day, Tyson just, changed. He started acting up. Derek told him to stop whatever he did and there was a fight. We parted ways ever since. I was stuck in the middle. I just started to fade out of the picture. Anyway, Derek started hunt down Tyson and stop him because of the plan." She said and looked down. "What plan?" You ask. "To make the world a place for only highlights." She said. Her voice was shakey.
  8. "He wants to use you since Derek refused." She says. "What does he want?" You ask. "Greens are most powerful. They're hard to find too. He want's you to join his army to destroy the world." No you understand. "Let me guess, I have to train," You roll your eyes. "Yea..." Jacky trails off. She stands and walks out. You follow her out and see Chris talking to Kyle and Cindy. The guys walk over and hug you.
  9. You walk downstairs and see Derek on the phone. He throws it on the floor and it breaks. You see his highlight get brighter and brighter. 'He's coming,' you hear his voice. "Who's coming?" You ask. Derek looked at you. "You heard my thoughts?" He asked. you shurgged.
  10. "Only same color highlights can hear each other thoughts." Cindy explained. I smiled. Chris checks his watch. "Well, it 7am now. I'm going to bed." He says. "Me too," Jacky saws and run back up the stairs. "I need to rest to," Cindy walked backward up the stairs slowly. Kyle made a sour face. Then ran up the stairs after her. He stumbled alittle which made you laugh. All there was left was you and Derek.
  11. You get down and go to the kitchen and see.....
  12. CLIFFHANGER!I wanna make a shout out to singin234 for being the first to comment on part 1! YOU R AWESOME SINGIN234!!!! Well, See yal at part 3! who do you like?

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