they love me Part 3

My third attempt(: this is part 3 of the new series "They Love Me" There are new parts every day and I'm now making this series with my cousin Karen who's in 6th grade. (I'm in 7th) I make these from my phone and hopefully you'll like the series(:

Dakota has dark brown hair,gray eyes, and is charming. Matt has black hair, dark brown eyes, and is sensitive. Jared has dirty blonde hair,ocean-blue eyes, and can make you laugh at any time. Nick has light brown hair,hazel eyes, and is sweet. Taylor has brown hair w/ black highlights,green eyes, and is caring(:

Created by: Dannica&Karen(:

  1. After a long sleep, you wake up with a huge yawn and slowly get up from the bed. You look out the window to see the sun beautifully shining. You take a quick shower and put on some brand new clothes from the closet in your room and head downstairs to the dining room to see the boys already sitting down eating;
  2. "Hey." You say to the boys. "Hey." Says Dakota. You leave the dining room and head into the kitchen to make your breakfast wondering why there was such awkwardness and why it was so serious in the dining room. You start making your favorite breakfast which is;;
  3. As you're making your breakfast, you accidentally touch the stove( which was really hot since one of the boys finished cooking on it) you look at your finger and yell out;
  4. "OH CRAP!" You shout out as you run over to the sink and wash your finger with cold water. "What happened? You ok?!" Says Matt as he rushes through the door to the kitchen. "Yea, I just burned my finger on the stove?" You reply looking at him suspiciously. "Oh um...just making sure..." He says back nervously. "What are you guys not telling me? What am I in danger of because I have a right to now. If you don't tell me then I'll leave out the front door right now." You stammer crossing your arms. Matt sighs, grabs your hand and leads you over to the dining room. He looks at the other boys with sharp eyes and says "She needs to know."
  5. The boys look at Matt and you with blank looks and Taylor stands up from his chair and says, "You might want to sit down." He says motioning over to an empty chair. Matt sits down and so do you feeling some anxiety. "Well..." You say. Then Jared blurts out ,"The truth is...all of us are...
  6. "SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!!!!" You spat out. "We're agents from the UPA trying to protect you from Arianne, the evil witch that's trying to kill you!!" Blurt out Nick. Dakota sighs and murmurs, "Nice going Nick, way to tell her so that she doesn't freak out." You just stare at the boys until you calmly say,"Ok. What's the UPA? Why is that lady trying to kill me?" Matt looks at you strangely and says,"UPA stands for United Paranormal Association. And why Arianne is trying to kill you, well we don't know yet." "I never heard of the UPA." You say and you quietly stand up and go to your room;
  7. You close the door behind you as you enter your room and sit on the bed and you decide to listen to the radio that's in the room. You're flipping through the stations still trying to process what you just found out and you stop on the station playing the song;
  8. Suddenly, you burst into tears. "Why is this happening me?!" You cry out. You keep sobbing in your room until you hear the door open with a creak. "Go away Jared!" You scream. Instead of leaving Jared closes the door,turns off the radio, and sits down by you on the bed. "I said go away!" You say once again. "Look, I know this is hard for you but its for the best. I know you didn't choose for this to happen but you'll just have to accept it." He takes hold of your hand and continues on,"Once you get time to explore the house you'll know we have a pool,arcade,science lab, and a ping pong's tight...Tighter than Justin Bieber's pants(If you find that offensive, it wasn't intended)." Jared says with a smile. You can't help but laugh then you lean in close to Jared and gently kiss him on the lips. As you pull away you both smile but then notice that Nick and Matt were standing at the doorway. They keep staring at you then Matt walks away and Nick mutters "wow." And walks away as well.
  9. You look into Jared's eyes and walk out the door hoping to find Matt or Nick. Before you start looking at them you realized that you needed to go the bathroom.You open up a random door and see Matt on his bed listening to some music and writing in a notebook. "Hey Matt." You say. He glances up from his notebook to look at you then quickly glances back down and continues writing.
  10. "Are you mad at me?" You ask Matt hopefully. "No." He responds. "Then why are you acting like that?" "Because... I really like you and it made me a little jealous when I saw you kissing Jared. He stole one of my girlfriends a while ago and now this..." "I kissed Jared because he came to comfort me and it just felt like the right time and I wasn't thinking." You say. "Really?" Answers Matt. "Yes, really. So he stole one of you girlfriends before? That's messed up." "Yea, her name was June. I thought I loved her until I saw her and Jared hugging and kissing..." "That's so sad...." "I actually wrote a poem about her do you wanna hear it?" He looks at you with such soulful eyes and you can't help but say ,"Yes, I'd love to" with a smile;
  11. (Yes, this is a real poem that one of my friends actually wrote about his girlfriend) "The ground keeps drowning from the rain. The wind keeps growling and blowing away, The tears rolling down your face reminding You of the smiles we had and our precious Memories erased. The way you look up at the sky wishing Things would be the way before, The way I saw you sitting on the curb alone. You would stare at the phone for hours. How I would push you on the swings and Had our kiss under the tree where I sang Your favorite songs. When I asked if you wanted t dance Without any music on. To where I asked you out and you said Yes; And to the point where we first saw Eachother and I promised if we were ever a couple and we broke up, I'd blame myself For not being good enough."
  12. Uhhh soo sorry If the question before this one appeared a lot of times. I do these quizzes from my phone and I guess its a glitch or something. Anyways part 4 coming soon!

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