~A Freak Among Freaks~p2

Part 2 is out, y'all took me a whole hour with some difficulties but it's out Part 3 is where everything starts to happen, it'll make you understand the title more

Please read and submit so i know you're taking this series, and rate as well, I love this series, and i'm making it into a trilogy later on

Created by: angelic4

  1. I gasped, My boyfriend was kissing my best friend Tffany, they broke apart and stared at me, was I to be hurt, or angry, i had no time foor that. Tiffany was smirking, how i wished i could slap her smirk off, Brent looked pale "Babe?" he tried saying "Never.Call. Me.That" i hissed, He looked scared, i have that effect on people, i stared at Tiffany "And you-" "Meet the new party queen" she cut me off "Easy stealing your boyfrien, and going to be easier stealing your prestige and fans" Before I could say anything, she left, honestly she looked slutty, with her strawberry vlonde her curled, in a short , short strapless dress showing a lot of cleavage, which she didn't even have, she walked downstairs.
  2. I glanced back at Brent, who had a guilty face, i walked downstairs, when i heard Tiffany shout "Meet the new party queen" *Hell no, time to show thi bi--- what i'm made of* I walked to her in the most divalicious way possible, hit her so hard she fell back, i picked her up by hair and threw her into the wall, i wish, that didn't happen, i walked to her in the divalicious way possible, intimidating her with my eyes, which made her show fear for a second, big mistake i saw the fear
  3. I laughed " Dethroned? Me, by who, don't make me laugh if you mean you, hon let me show you why i run supreme" I flipped my hair back and turned around, i saw Brent, that cheater, he looked calm but still pale, let me give him some of his own medicine, I walked toward him and smiled warmly, he smiled back and opened his arms, as i was near him, i turned to his right and planted my lips to the guy to his right, he had anger and sadness written all over his face, it was now officially over between us, now for the finale
  4. As to officialize my breakup the song 'I'm A Single Lady' started playing, i laughed, well when the part 'now put your hands up' came, i did ofcourse put my hands up the guys cheered, what can i say, i'm party person, I climbed the roof, don't ask me how, but i climbed it, and then i jumped, don't worry i meant to jump into the pool, and i did, the coldness struck me so fast and i was under water when i heard the sounds of sirens
  5. I swam to the surface to be greeted by a familar horrible looking uniform of blue "Not again" The poilice man said cuffing me and putting me into the back of his car, as we were driving home he started giving me a speech "I should have known you were involved, what you did was reckless and life threatening" the rest i blocked out
  6. We drove to my house, the cop went to talk to my parents while he left me in his car, it smelled of blood and fear, he came back and opened the door, "You're free to go"
  7. I went straighr to the couch waiting for the punishment and shouting, but that didn't happen instead my dad came with a brochure and threw it to my lap "What's this"
  8. "Your new home and school" mu dad said, but that had to only mean one thing, it meant CLIFFHANGER
  9. This one was short, i had to stop there, Part 3 the real adventure begins
  10. ok i know some of you would think it was bit to early with the bf scene but i needed that to happen earlier instead of later. Get ready for Part 3 might discover stranger things :D *mysterious*

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