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Hey out there this is the creator of Never From Ordinary(Love), Love In the Middle Ages, Teen Spies, For a Rainy Day. And i bring you this series, the title makes you think on what i mean and hopefully if you stick around you'll get what my title means. This series excites me.

It makes me want to write more, but unfortunately someone stole my journal, likely i made a back up of the story, so no fear read and have fun, enjoy, read my results and sit back relax, the first two parts are just to clear stuff up

Created by: angelic4
  1. Well ghouls and ghals let me share a little story about an ordinary girl in a not so ordinary world. *creepy laugh* Hahahahaha Enjoy:
  2. I stared at the guy in disbelief, as if I would do that, "You insult me, I'm the party queen, i'm not missing that party" "Sorry Charlie, can't believe i'd think you would miss Brent's party" "Exactly!, you just upset me, now go" He left ashamed, and he should have been, To think I, Charlotte Evans would miss the biggest party for the week. I never miss any of Brent Harding's parties, not only cause he's my sexy boyfriend, he also throws great parties.
  3. I started walking home when I heard the familiar ringtone of Party Rock Anthem, what can i say anything with party attracts my attention, "Talk to me" i said into my silver, plain Nokia E71 cellphone, "Charlie, i can't come to the party" "Tiff that's not my prob, i'm going with or without you" "Cha-" "Bye Tiff" i said cutting her off. I reached home and went to my room
  4. As i laid on my bed, my cellphone rang again "TTM" "Babe?" "Yeah, Brent?" "You coming?" "Definitely" "Cool, so can you come at 6" *that's early since his party starts at 8* "6?" "To spwnd some time with you, i know we haven't seen each other for a while" "So you don't want my opinion to make your party great???" "Your opinions are great but not as much as just being with you" *Awww, he's so hot and sweet, stay cool Charlie, 3 c's, oh say something!* "Something" "What?" *ugh i'm such a dork, a hot one* "Oh umm i was thinking of something to wear" *Smooth like butter* "Really?, whatever you wear you'll llook great, c u there" "Yeah see you there"
  5. I looked at my watch, i heard precisely an hour to get ready, and i didn't waste any time. I took a hot showerand put one big towel around my body, and on my hair. I went back to my room and stood there staring at my walk in closet doors, they always made me smiled and were my clothes inspiration, on there I stuck up milestone pics of me and my friends, our first dance, date, making funny faces, sticking our tongues out. I opened the doors and decided on what i was going to wear, Black skinny jeans, black and white checkered shirtt with a waist coat, red heels
  6. I then curled my shoulder length ginger hair, and put mascara careful not to poke my brown, almost black, eyes. I was ready to party. Descending downstairs i was stopped by a stern voice "Hell No" "Ma?" "Not another party" "Please i wond do anything" "That's what you said last time" "But i did nothing" she gasped "Charlie! You freakin set fire to the pool! How is that even logical" "Please?" after a few more please i won her over "Anything happens, it's the last straw" I got out and headed to Brent's house, my cellphone rang again "TTM" "Charlie i'm coming to the party had to lie saying i'm going to a study group" "Ok Tiff" we hanged up and i reached Brent's house, i rang the door bell "Coming" his voice said, The door flung open
  7. I looked ove to Brent who had a grin that could melt any girl's heart, he looked smoking hot in his black vneck which made his cystal blue eyes pop and his dirty blonde hair shinier, he wore black ripped jeans which not only gave him the bad boy look but complented his masculine figure. He motioned me to come in and I did, his house was in preparation for the party, "Come sit down" "Sure" instead of leading me to his couch he lead me to his room
  8. His room held the same scent of freshley cut grass since 2 years ago, it still had that retro look which i found dull but strangely fitting into Brent's character. We sat there in silence, our words lately happened to not mean each other, ever heard silence means more than words, in this case that's right, i heard the faint sound of the doorbell "8 already?" "Where does time go when your spending quality time with you r girlfriend" "We should probably go to meet your guests" He reluctantly nodded. In like 30 minutes or less the house was packed. Even though I wasn't at school you could still see the different cliques. Jocks, Cheerleaders, Preps, Popular, loners, occasionally your goths, Emos, My clique was among Preps, Populars, loners, and Jocks, that's where I belonged or at least i think so. Music started blasting off the speakers, i couldn't just sit there so i went to the dance floor, a random person shouted "Party Queen in the hizzai" I danced like i had no care in the world
  9. Until i rememberre i had forgotten my cellphone in Brent's room, I got to his room, and opened the door, to the sight i saw I gasped
  10. CLIFFHANGER! well this is the beginnig, i just have to clear up some stuff in part 1 and 2, i hope you guys enjoyed this as much as i enjoyed typing it. Well i have numerous questions for you guys: so 1. Tell me if you want one guy to love or many guys 2. Tell me what you thought about the intro, what did it make you think the story is going to be like and 3. Did you enjoy it. Well i call this series my love, cause i'm dying to show you what i'm going to come up with. It's amazing, i'm making this into a trilogy, having contests in the future, and asking you the readers what you would want in the story, starting form now and 4. What do you want in my story, i already have a plot and all but i love taking suggestions and opinions

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