Paranormal Love (part 30)

Hi guys, welcome to part 30 of my Paranormal Love series. :) I'm happy cuz part 2 of my series is on the front page, that's awesome! :D My career as a writer begins here. :) Major thanks to my epic readers, I love you all! :D And guess what? I finally learned how to make hearts on my phone... it took me long enough! xD

Recap: After a busy week and you are finished training with Nick, you go up to your room and wonder how you are going to spend the rest of the day, when you remember something...

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. An image of Jace pops into your mind. Not, just any was the image of Jace when you last saw him, the sad look in his dark eyes sent a wave of emotion through you. You remember that you've told him that you would keep contact with him. During the week, you have pushed Jace into the back of your mind and haven't thought about him much... until now. You suddenly realize how much you miss him. You sigh. "Jace..." you say out loud. You haven't said that name in a while, and you like the way it sounds. But just thinking about him wasn't enough... you had to call him. And besides, you had promised.
  2. You pick up your cell phone and look into your contacts list. There was Jace's number that he put into your phone on the week that you were with him. "Well, here goes nothing..." you think as you dial his number. With every ring, your heart beats faster and you grow more nervous. What if Jace doesn't answer his phone... or worse, what if he forgot about you? Guys are unpredictable like that. You're about to give up, when you hear a familiar... and sexy voice answer the phone. It's Jace's. You'd recognize that voice anywhere. "Hello?" he says. His voice reflects both excitement and confusion. You're heart skips a beat. "Jace." is all you manage to say. "____." he says back. There are a few moments of silence. "Talk, you idiot!" you think to yourself. You find yourself at a loss for words. Jace breaks the silence. "So you haven't forgotten about me." he says. "No, why would I?" you reply. "I just... I don't know." Jace says with his voice trailing off.
  3. ***Jace's P.O.V.*** I sighed, but my heart was still racing extremely fast from hearing ____'s voice. "Sorry, ____." I said. "There's just so much I want to say to you right now, but I don't exactly know how to put it." I admited. "Same here." ____ said. I could sense some nervousness in her voice. "So how have you been?" I asked. "Good...busy." ____ replied. What is that supposed to mean? "What about you?" she asked returning the question. Might as well tell the truth, I have nothing to lose. "Horrible. It gets pretty lonely here without you." I said.
  4. ***Your P.O.V.*** You can't help but feel bad for Jace, although you don't show it. "But what about all those other supernatural beings?" you ask. "Cute, female supernatural beings..." Jace scoffs. "Yeah right." he says. "They're okay. But they don't mean much to me." There's a short pause before Jace says; "____, no girl has ever come close to being as beautiful, nice and funny as you are. I could never replace you with anyone. And God, you have no clue how much I miss you." You sense a bit of sorrow in Jace's voice, but you know he means it. You can't help but feel flattered that Jace would say something like that. "Jace, I... I don't know what to say. I mean, I miss you too. I just don't know if the guys will let me see you." you say.
  5. ***Jace's P.O.V.*** Well, since I've already poured my heart out, I should just say what's on my mind. "Do you want to see me?" I asked. "Well, yes." ____ replied. "How bad?" I asked with flirtyness around the edges of my voice. I could feel my rebellious side kick in. "Pretty bad..." ____ said as if admitting it scared her. "Well, you can always sneak out." I suggested trying to sound as convincing as possible. "I don't know, Jace." ____ said. Before I could respond, she changed the subject. "So, ummm... I never thought I'd say this in my lifetime, but are you still planning on killing every single human being there is?" ____ asked. Damn it! I wanted to keep convincing her to come see me, but I answered the question. "Honestly, ____. I have no freaking clue. But I do know that you feel more important to me than that right now. Look at what you're doing to me, ____. You're killing me here." I said. I could tell ____ was struggling to find something to say. She just sighed into the phone.
  6. ***Your P.O.V.*** "Like this is easy for me!" you think. Maybe calling Jace was a mistake. "Well, I'm sorry." you whisper. You don't know what else to do, so you say; "Look, it's complicated. Ok?" "_____..." Jace replies. You can't take any more of this. "I gotta go." you say and hang up. You set down your phone in... um, not the most gentle manner ever. With Jace so unhappy, it makes you unhappy. You know he has a thing for you and here you are not able to give him a straight answer about how you feel. You know what that's like. It's awful to like someone and not know how they feel about you. Memories of when you were in 9th grade come to mind. This was when you were head over heels for this guy named Casey and one day you finally told him how you felt... and he said he doesn't know how he feels about you. He told you he'd get back to you... but he never did. You were pretty much over him by now, but it still hurt thinking about him. "Ugh. What a dick." you think. You didn't notice that Chris came into your room until he said "_____," You snap out of your thoughts. "Oh, hey Chris." you say. "Hey." he replies. "Are you okay? You look like something is bugging you." "No, I'm okay." you say. "You know you can tell me anything, ____." Chris says. "It's nothing really, I'll be fine." you relpy. Chris gives you a skeptical look. "Well, okay. I can see you don't want to talk about it, so I'll just leave it alone." he says. "Anyway, why don't you come downstairs? We have carmel popcorn." Chris says with a grin. Your stomach growls. "Yeah, that would be nice." you say following Chris downstairs.
  7. You see Ethan, Nick, and Bryan sitting on the couch. Nick is holding a big bowl of carmel popcorn. The guys smile at you "Hey, ____. You came just in time, there's a Tosh.0 marathon on!" Ethan says. "Really? That's awesome!" you exclaim. Chris sits down on the right side of Nick because he's the one with the popcorn. You sit down between Ethan and Nick on the left side of Nick for pretty much the same reason- plus Nick is super cute, bonus points for that. You grab a handful of popcorn and enjoy the show. "So where's Allissa and Athony?" you ask. "They wouldn't want to be missing this." "I don't really know... or care." Chris says. "Yeah. Allissa and Anthony will have to get over it. It's just us tonight." Bryan says sending a flirty smile your way. You roll your eyes and smile at the same time.
  8. Because you guys are so mature... you end up trying to throw popcorn into each other's mouths... and fail miserably. Bryan is sitting about 3 feet away from you. He opens his mouth and you try your best to throw a piece of popcorn into it, but the piece of popcorn ends up bouncing off his nose. You all burst out laughing. You try a few more times, but those are misses too. Chris tries to throw some popcorn to you, and the piece bounces off your forhead. "Nice job, Chris." you say laughing. "I know, I'm just awesome like that." Chris says smiling. You and the guys spend the rest of the night having fun throwing popcorn at each other and laughing your asses off.
  9. It's 2 in the morning when Chris, Bryan, and Ethan say goodnight and go to bed, leaving you and Nick behind. "You tired?" Nick asks. "Only a teeny bit, not really." you answer. "Same here." Nick says. You look at the TV. "Aw, man. The Tosh.0 marathon is over." you say. "What do you wanna do now?" "Hm, I dunno." Nick says. He flips through the channels. There's nothing good on now. You and Nick just talk for a while rather than watching TV. You both start to get tired, so without really noticing it, you both stare blankly at the TV and you soon fall asleep on Nick's shoulder.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! I know I've written better ones before but whateves. I'm proud of myself for writing this part in one day. I just got onto this site and I was like "I'm going to make part 30 today." And there you have it. :) You're probably rolling your eyes at me right now, and it's okay. I know I'm a dork. x) So who do you like?

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