The Guardian: Part One

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Hi guys! Welcome to part One of this series! First things first, I'd like to thank everyone who has been reading these, you mean so much to me! Also, I'd specifically like to thank Ericat, a fellow writer.

^ ( if you have not read their series, you should!) Now, please comment and tell me what you think about those series so far. I'm needing some tips on what could make this series really fun.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. His smooth lips passionately pressed against mine, my eyes wide open before I got the nerve to kiss back. My thin fingers ran through his hair as his fingers laced around my hips, our bodies close together. "Angelica, please remember that I care for you more than you could ever know, and would hate for you to fall for a mere mortal. " he whispered against my lips, my eyes slightly closed as I gave a nod. "Of course, Castiel. Trust me when I say my heart could not easily be won by a mortal." I sighed, smiling as our lips met again, his teeth occasionally biting down on my lip. With each kiss he gave, I could hear him give pleased sighs, making my heart pound excitedly.
  2. I gently pulled away, setting my hand upon his chest with a smile lightly lining my face, his eyes wandering up to mine. "I have the feeling someone has been watching us. " I muttered, blushing profusely as I turned to see a handsome teenager watching us. "Him?" he asked, nodding towards the teenager. "Yes. Should we get going? I doubt we could buy clothes like this." I giggled. " If that shall please you, then your wish is my command." he chuckled softly, wrapping my hand In his with a grin.
  3. A few short hours later,we walked back to Louis's house, adorned in the most insane outfits I had ever seen. "Mortals are quite strange, are they not?" I asked Castiel, blushing at how revealing human clothing truly was. "I have been saying that this whole time, though I must say you look stunning." he laughed, giving my arm a light squeeze. "That is quite perverted of you, Castiel. Have these humans no decency to cover up their flesh?" I questioned, his face reddening as he laughed harder. "I suppose not. Art thou ashamed of thy body, Angelica? You are a Guardian, you are to adapt to any change possible, but thou art disturbed by the showing of skin?" he asked, taking my hands in his as he led me to Louis's house. "Apologies. I suppose I did not consider how rash I was being. I suppose I could adjust to this, though I prefer my upper half more covered, if you know what I mean." I frowned, pulling at the top of my tank top with a sigh.
  4. "Thou should not worry, Angelica. You look divine." he grinned, opening the yellow door and carefully leading me inside. " Oh! Castiel, Angelica! You're back. I'd like you to meet my friends Zach and Amanda." Louis said, pointing over to two teenagers. Zach gave a wolfish grin as his eyes settled on m, and I could not deny it, he was really cute. His hair, carefully tossled about, was a midnight black, his eyes the color of the sun itself. Amanda gave a small wave, walking over to me with a smile. "Angelica, was it? I can tell you hate those clothes. Maybe tomorrow I can take you shopping to get new ones?" she suggested, giving a bright smile as she played with her blood red hair. "That would be quite helpful, thanks." I smiled tightly, a little nervous about hanging out with a mortal.
  5. "Oh, Angelica! I'm sorry, they already know you two are Guardians. They knew Grayson." Louis explained, my body relaxing as I gave a nod. "Angelica, you two just HAVE to show me your wings! Guardian wings are always so pretty!" Amanda squealed, her face full of hope. I looked over at Castiel, who merely shrugged. "Okay, if thou insist." I laughed, closing my eyes and chanting 'Hidden Secret' under my breath. "Angelica! Those are so pretty!" Amanda squealed loudly, my eyes popping open. " They are nothing compared to the other Guardians. Theirs are beautiful, stiff and white." I smiled politely, blushing as all of the boys looked at me in awe. "Angelica. Must thou complain? You look divine, and that is more than I could say about the other female Guardians." Castiel sighed, his wings a bright shade of white that mocked my wings. "Must thou always be so annoying? Thou knew I hated these horrid clothes, but insisted I buy them. Thou know I hate my wings, but thou hast insisted they are nice? Have thou no common decency to be honest with me, Castiel?" I growled, a bit taken aback at my own words.
  6. "I only tell you these things, for they are true. Must thou be so unconfident? You are more beautiful than the sun above, more beautiful than the stars that line the sky, more beautiful than any living thing, yet thou art still worried about your appearance? Excuse me if this sounds quite informal, but thou art being a coward." he grumbled, my eyes narrowing as I glowered down at him, my body freezing as his words hit me hard. " Goodnight, everyone. I believe I shall just find a better place to stay. One where I may say or do as I please." I hissed, about to walk away. " Angelica, just calm down. We can work this out!" Amanda insisted, Louis and Zach giving nods in agreement. "Work what out? There is nothing to work out." I huffed, furrowing my brows in anger, my heart leaping as Castiel came over to me.
  7. "Angelica. Please do not leave me here alone with these mortals. Thou art the only thing keeping me sane, not to mention Grayson would be most displeased if you left." Castiel argued, taking my hands in his as he pulled me closer to his body. "I suppose you are--" I said, interrupted by his lips crashing against mine. "Awww!" I heard Amanda gush, snapping me back into reality. Quickly pulling away from him, I quickly shut my eyes, whispering 'Hidden Secret' under my breath. "Um. Fine, I suppose I'll stay." I sighed. "Okay, I'll take you to your room." Louis offered, taking a hold of my hand and wrapping his arm around my waist.
  8. Before I could protest, we were already walking down the hallway, his face reddening as I gave a small smile. "You have a lovely smile." he said, making me blush. " Thank you, though most Guardians do." I laughed, staring in awe at the room he pulled me into. "From what Grayson used to tell me, you are the prettiest Guardian there. Then again, that's all he talked about." he smiled, his fingertips loosely laced around my waist, his lips interrupting any thoughts I had. "Louis!" A high girly voice squealed, scaring both of us to death. "Uhm.. Erm. Don't tell Castiel." he warned Amanda, her brown eyes full of excitement as she nodded vigourously. "Do not tell Castiel what?" Castiel asked, entering the room with a frown on his face. "He was in here smooching Angelica!" laughed Amanda, Castiel glaring at Louis angrily.
  9. "Who was smooching Angelica!?" Zach yelled, his footsteps bounding down the hall as he ran into the room. "Louis." Amanda said loudly, Castiel huffing as he walked over to Louis with a sharp glare. "Luck-y!!" Zach whined, making me blush a million shades of red. " I want you to keep your hands to yourself, mortal. If I see you touch her again, thou will wish you were never created." Castiel hissed, grabbing Louis by the neck, fiercely pressing him against the wall with little effort. "Castiel, must thou make such a big deal of things? Must thou all embarrass me so? Do I get no say in how I feel and what I choose to do?" I asked, his face lightening as he put Louis down, turning to face me. "Okay, then. Angelica, tell me, did you enjoy it?" he asked, making me blush. "Castiel. First of all, it was a fine kiss, I am sure, but I did not enjoy the fact that you all came through like maniacs. Second of all, must thou be that way? You never once cared about me in Heaven and now you do? I shall choose to do whatever I want to, Castiel." I sighed, watching Zach and Amanda giggle lightly.
  10. "Angelica. Let's go shopping!" Amanda insisted, tugging sharply on my arm. "But is it not quite late?" I asked in confusion, her brown eyes glaring at me immediately. " Just come on!" she hissed, pulling me outside, nearly yanking me across the street. " Angelica! You are so lucky! You've got three guys madly in love with you! You're a modern princess!" she squealed, dragging me into a cute, dimly lit store.
  11. "Three?" I questioned, furrowing my brows in confusion as she gave a vigorous nod, piling a stack of garments into my arms. "Yeah! Castiel, Louis and Zach." she laughed, shoving me into a changing room. "Is not Zach your companion?" I asked, slipping on a cute peach dress that came up to my upper thigh, the straps thin and light. "Ha! me and Zach!? No! Silly Billy! He's just a friend! By the way, it's called a boyfriend, not a companion. My boyfriend is named Brian." she explained. I carefully stepped out to let her examine the dress, her eyes wide open as she stared in awe. "Oh my lord of pancakes! You look beautiful!" she cried out, half of the people in the store turning to look at us.
  12. "You really do look good." a tall blonde said, giving me a cute smile as she and Amanda high-fived excitedly. "Angelica, this is my bestie, Maddie. She's Zach's sister. Maddie, this is Graysons sister, Angelica." Amanda's said, Maddie's face instantly lighting up. " It is quite nice to make your acquaintance, Maddie." I smiled, both girls laughing hysterically. "Angelica, sweetie. If you want to blend in, you need to learn slang." Maddie insisted, my brows furrowing as I pondered what she was speaking of.
  13. "Slang?" I asked, their laughs getting louder than before. "Here. Repeat what I say." Amanda said pointing to a small red dress. " That dress is so chic." she said, throwing a hand to her hip with a snobby smile. "That dress is so chic." I said, doing the same motions as her. "Okay, great! Now, when talking to a guy, it's not a good idea to repeat their name over and over again. They know what their name is." she advised, Maddie giving a nod. "Also, when speaking, don't say thou or art, or anything like that. Say you're." advised Maddie. "So you're sure this will work? I'm not sure I can learn all of this in a day." I sighed, shocked by how quickly I had learned.
  14. "Congrats! Now, go pay for those clothes." Amanda insisted, handing me a stack of green wads. " Why couldn't you do it for me?" I asked, carefully flattening the wads into a nice, neat stack. "Because! We want to see you interact with that guy over there. If you can act normal, then you've succeeded and will be ready for school tomorrow." Maddie explained, quickly shoving me over to a cashier, who gave a cute grin. I carefully laid the stack of clothes in front of him. Forcing a smile as he began to scan them with an odd device. "So, how are you doing today?" he asked, his eyes occasionally darting up to me as he folded each individually garment with a smile. " I'm doing pretty good, thanks. What about you?" I asked, giving him a smile in return. " I'm doing good as well, other than the fact I'm stuck working today." he laughed, shaking his head as he put the garments in plastic bags. "Ha. Poor you." I frowned, gratefully taking the bags from him and handing him the amount of money he asked for. "Have a lovely day." he called after me, as I wished him the same, catching up to Amanda and Maddie, who were giggling like children.
  15. "What's so funny?" I asked, blushing as they pointed to a small piece of paper sticking out of the bags. "You two really hit it off! I was honestly thinking he was going to kiss you right there!" Maddie giggled, dragging us both outside and insisting we get inside her car. "Ha! That reminds me! Angelica, here, has already hit it off pretty well with your cousin, Louis." Amanda teased, making me blush as we drove down the road. " I imagine! I bet my brother's just as excited as he is. That boy... Such a flirt." Maddie replied, giving a wink as I frowned. " Um. May I ask what a flirt is or would I rather not know?" I asked. "A flirt is a guy or girl who... Well, flirts with somebody. For instance, the cashier from earlier was flirting with you." Amanda giggled.
  16. Once we pulled up to Louis's house, I began to blush nervously, scared of what could be going on inside. We carefully crept in, a fit of screaming and yelling going on deep inside the house. In shock. We ran into what appeared to be a den of sorts, all three boys playing with what I was told, is called a video game. Call of duty, to be exact. " You three seem to be getting along pretty well." Amanda smiled, the boys all giving quick, distracted nods, not looking up from the screen. " They didn't get along?" Maddie asked curiously, Amanda nodding. "Hush, you two. We're trying to beat this!" Castiel whined, making me give a soft giggle. Of course. The guys had taught him how to blend in, just like the girls had taught me. Castiel quickly looked up, blushing as he saw the dress I was wearing, his character dying. "Dude!" Zach cried, throwing down his controller with a frown, looking up at me as well. "You two suck." Louis grumbled, still hypnotized by the game, hot even bothering to look up at me.
  17. "Well hello to you too." I mumbled, the girls laughing as they gave me a wink. "Angelica. You aren't still mad at me, are you?" Castiel asked, standing up and walking over to me with a small smile. "Well, I'm not mad, really. Maybe a bit disappointed and confused, but I'll get over it." I smiled, accepting his warm embrace that earned squeals from the girls. "Lucky! When do I get my hug?" Zach teased, Maddie giving her brother a surprised look. "What, sis? Can't a guy want a little affection here and there? " he asked with a laugh, her face full of shock as she shrugged. "Well, you're trying to get affection from a Guardian, bro." she laughed, his face reddening for half a second, but he recovered quickly. "Hey, that's the best kind of affection." he said with a wink, making me laugh lightly.
  18. " Angelica, just ignore the dweeb." Amanda's said, pulling me back into the room I was told I'd be staying in. "Aw! Wait up!" he whined, sprinting after us, accidentally knocking me down and falling ontop of me. "How nice. Not only doi get a lovely view, I also get a soft landing." he laughed, his sister quickly tugging him off of me. " Yeah, yeah. Go on, dork." Maddie said, shoving him out into the hall, slamming the door in his face. "You okay, Angelica? You've been awful quiet." Amanda pointed out, frowning as I gave a small nod. "Yeah, I'm just tired." I yawned, plopping backwards with a sigh as I landed in the bed. "Oh. Well, we'll let you rest then. See you tomorrow." Maddie shrugged, her and Amanda leaving the room with grins.
  19. I silently turned over on my side, burying my body under a soft quilt before drifting off to sleep.
  20. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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