Making my way in the world pt. 3

Hey guys! I am really excited for you to read this part. It took me a while to figure out what to put in it, but hopefully it's not disastrous. I also wanted to say that I am not sure if I should continue. I feel like nobody is reading. To lift up my spirits, please let me know if you're reading and if you like it.

So this part is dedicated to Grant. Get ready all you Grantinaters because things are getting good. Unexpected things happen. Ok not really but I hope you guys enjoy.

Created by: Milkyway62

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  1. I saw a clown outside my window. Justin was laughing hysterically. I stopped screaming and felt my face heat up."It's just a clown Amanda." Justin said, still chuckling. I punched his arm." I know. Shut up." The light turned green and we were on our way.
  2. When we pulled into my driveway, Justin parked the car."So Amanda. I was wondering if you were doing anything on Friday night." I shook my head."Nothing really. Why?" "Well Zach Norcom is having his 17th birthday party and I thought that since you're new that it would be good for you to go and meet some people. Whaddya think? It's not a date or anything." "Ok. Yeah. I'll go. Just give me the address. What time does it start?" "Don't worry I'll come pick you up. Be ready by 6. That good with you?" I nodded."Cool." he said."See ya tomorrow morning Justin." I opened my door and got out. I unlocked my front door and waved goodbye. Once inside I went straight to the kitchen to see if there was a note from my mom.'HEY SWEETIE, I WENT OUT WITH MRS. LEANDREW. I'LL BE HOME AROUND 5:30. IF YOU WANT YOU CAN GO OUT TO THE MALL. MAKE SURE TO GO WITH SOMEONE THOUGH. TAKE THE CAR. LOVE YOU. ~MOM'. I set down the note and decided to call up Jessica. Then I remembered Alyssa. They were probably already hanging out. I scrolled through my contacts looking for someone to call up. I found Lauren's number and wondered how it had gotten there. She must have taken my phone and put it in there. No wonder the phone she was holding had a case that looked like mine. She had taken mine and entered her number. Well she seemed nice enough. I dialed her number and she picked up right away."Hello?" she said when she answered."Hey Lauren. It's Amanda." "Oh hey girl! What's up?" "Hey I was wondering if you wanted to go to the mall with me today." "Yeah of course. Does 15 sound like enough time?" "Yeah. That's fine. I'll come pick you up. Just text me your address." "Ok. I will. See you in 15." "See ya." I hung up. Now to get ready. I ate a a banana then went upstairs to redo my hair, makeup, and brush my teeth again. 15 minutes later, I pulled up in front of Lauren's house. She was already waiting outside."So where to? I have only been here like two weeks so I don't know where to go for fun." I smiled at her."Well we can go to the L.A. Mall. (just know that i am making these places up like the locations and the school and stuff not the cities)They have the best stores there." I nod."Ok. Just tell me where to go and I will go there."
  3. We eventually pulled into the parking lot and we literally ran to the directory. In the car, I learned that Lauren had an older brother and was like me. She was well off and she lived in the same part of town as me. At the directory we made a plan. First we would start at Charlotte Russe and then go from there. We spent the next hour shopping. We went to Charlotte Russe, Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, Forever 21,H&M,American Eagle, Pacsun,Nordstroms, American Apparel, and so many more. We decided to get something to eat before we headed to Hollister. We decided on Chik-Fil-A and then ordered. I payed for the food and Lauren payed for drinks and dessert. When we were eating, I saw Lauren's eyes flick behind me. I followed her gaze but saw nothing. She was looking back at me."So Lauren. How long have you lived here?" "Pretty much forever. Where di you move from again?" "San Francisco." I answered."Do you miss home?" I sighed,"All the time. My family llives there and the people are so nice. Well when they aren't trying to steal from you." I laughed. So did she. Then I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. I smelled Hollister cologne mixed with a hint of Axe and mint. I reconized that scent."Hey Amanda." "Hi Grant." I said."What brings you here?" His arms were still around me."Just shopping with Lauren." He unwrapped his arms and pulled up a chair. He leaned in.Inches serated."So Zach Norcom is having his birthday party this Friday and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me as my date. I know you want to and that you can't resist this." He circled his face with his hand."I'm sorry Grant but Justin already asked me and I said I would go. We aren't going as dates though so if you want we can meet up there.That ok?" "Yeah. That's ok." I could hear a hint of sadness in his voice. Lauren then spoke up."Hey Amanda. My mom just texted me that I have to go to cheerleading practice and that my brother is going to pick me up." "Oh. Ok. Well let me walk you out." I started to stan up." No that's ok. My brother is already waiting outside. I had fun hanging out with you today." She stood up and gave me a hug."Don't let him get away. I'm not leaving cuz I have cheerleading practice tonight. Have fun." she whispered into my ear. She said goodbye to Grant who waved. Then she left us sitting in the food court. I whipped out my phone and sent her a text saying thanks."So where were you going to go next?" he asked."Hollister. What about you?" " Actually I was headed there next as well. We can go together. You would like that. Everyone likes hanging out with me." He rested his hands behind his head." You know what I have to head home. I have to figure out the homework for Mrs. Moore. So if you would excuse me." I couldn't risk anyone seeing us and then telling the Barbies. I stood up and grabbed all of my bags. He did the same."Can I at least walk you to your car? I can't let a pretty girl like you walk alone." he said. My face grew warm telling me, that I was blushing."Fine."
  4. The thing is I, we didn't go to my car. Well we did, but we just dropped off my bags. Grant had grabbed my hand and he led me to a little park on the side of the mall. It was starting to get dark and his blue eyes turned a darker shade of blue. He looked gorgeous. He took me to a little clearing and we sat down in the grass. Since it was early November, the temperature was starting to drop. I wrapped my arms around me to stay warm."Oh are you cold?" I nodded."Here. Take this." Grant took off the jacket he was wearing and put it around my shoulders. I pulled it tight."Thanks." I said."It's the least I could do." His eyes lingered on me for a while and then I blushed and turned away.' stupid' I thought.'why did you turn away. oh maybe because you don't want to be like the other girls who are all over him.'my mind said.Grant cleared his throat."You know that we have dorms right and that you aren't supposed to live at home. That's why it's a boarding school. We move into them for second semester." he said. My parents had said something about dorms but I hadn't payed attention to that conversation."Really?" I asked. Living away from home might not be that bad. Maybe I could share a room with Lauren,"Yeah. The thing is though is that guys have to share but girls get their own rooms." So much for sharing with Lauren."That sounds pretty awesome." I admitted."Me or the dorms cuz I guess you could say both." He grinned. I rolled my eyes."Thanks for bringing me here but I have to get home." I took off the jacket but he held up his hand."Keep it. Just give it to me at the party on Friday." I nodded and stood up. I brushed myself off and waved, heading to my car.
  5. I smiled the whole way to my car. Holy spinach dip. I think he likes me. But I can't like him back. I can't be like the other girls. I thought. I shook my head to try and get Grant out of my mind. I couldn't. *in Grant's p.o.v.* She was just so beautiful. What was it about her that made her different? I know she probably hates me. I looked down at where she had been sitting. Her phone lay on the grass. I picked it up and unlocked it. That is why you put a passcode. I did a little snooping and eventually found her address. Looks like you forgot something. I stood up and headed to my car.* back in Amanda's p.o.v.* I finally got home to find that my parents had gone out to dinner. Yippee. I went to the fridge and got out some Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I always eat ice cream when I have boy problems. I set it out to defrost and went upstairs to change into my pjs. I came back downstairs, grabbed my ice cream , grabbed my backpack, and headed to the table. I was on question two when the doorbell rang. I got up reluctantly and went to open the door. I was surprised to find Grant there." What are you doing here?" He grinned."You said you needed help with your homework, cupcake." I gave him a questioning look and looked down at my pjs that were covered in cupcakes. I looked back up at him." So are you going to let me in or send me home?" I opened the door wider and let him in.
  6. Grant threw his arms up in the air."I give up!" I threw popcorn at him."You can't say that you give up after every question." I said." Yes I can. You really need a lot of help with this." We were on my bed studying French for my fourth period."Shut up." I said. "Merci d'être venu ici pour m'aider. Vous êtes mon héros tout-puissant et sexy Grant" he said."Ok.What does that mean?" I asked."I said,'Thank you for coming here to help me. You are my hero all mighty and sexy Grant." I got up and shoved him backwards."Weirdo." I said. He laughed."It's true." He held up his hands defensively. The thing was he was right. He was sexy. He had taken off his shirt because the air conditioner had turned of and neither of us knew how to turn it back on. I could see his collar bone. I wanted to just take my finger and trace it. His abs. His arm muscles. I wanted to feel him but I didn't want to at the same time. So here we were. He was shirtless, we were on my bed, and we were studying the most romantic language in the world. Does that not bring up any alarms at all?! We studied for the next half hour and when we had finished all of my homework, it was 8ish. I was really hot and I could tell he was too. I wish I could go swimming right now. I looked out my window towards my pool. he looked too."Do you mind if we go swimming?" I looked at him like he was crazy."You don't even have swimming trunks!" He shrugged."You have a bathing suit and I have my cargo shorts. What difference does it make?" he asked." You should go change. As for me, I will be in the swimming pool. Au revoir!" He got up and closed the door. I could hear him open the back door. There was silence for a moment then a big splash came, signaling he had jumped in. I got up and closed my curtains. I went over to my dresser and picked out a black and white striped bikini top and black bikini bottom. I changed quickly putting my clothes into my closet where I could easily access them if I needed to change quickly. Then I went downstairs and to the pool.
  7. Once outside, I looked for Grant. I didn't see him. Then I felt someone wet scoop me up and run towards the water. Grant jumped in with me still in his arms. The water felt so good. It was so refreshing. It was cold. Just how I like it. I came up for air and pushed my hair back so that it was out of my face. Then Grant came up. He shook his hair out like a dog would do, spraying me, and then flipped them to the side like normal. "So do you wanna play Marco Polo or what?" I laughed. So we did.
  8. For the next half hour we jumped in the pool and played games that little kids would play. I had a lot of fun. I don't remember ever feeling this way with Chris. And I had to think of Chris. Ugh. He was a jerk that's what he was. I remember that night so clearly. 'No!' I thought.'Don't bring up painful memories.' I couldn't help it. I had a flashback. It was two years ago. Back when I lived in San Fran.'No!' I forced the memory out of my thoughts and back into the dark cave where I kept them hidden. His memories don't deserve to be brought back.
  9. I was brought back to the present when Grant sent a wave of water my way. I sent one back. That was the start of our water war. I got out of the pool and headed to the box that held all of the pool stuff. I found some Nerf water guns. I filled the biggest one I could find and attacked Grant. He got one out too and we sprayed each others. I don't know why but I giggled the whole time. And he just laughed. His dimples showed. Hmmm. Is there such thing as death by looking at dimples? If there was,I think that's what happened to me. Eventually, after much exchange of war threats and water, he held up his hands in defeat.
  10. "Well well well." he clapped his hands."YOu have beat me. I thought I had this in the bag, but you beat me!" he had a look on his face that said he was faking his surprise."Hahaha. If you haven't noticed I am the queen of water wars." I made a gun with my thumb and index fingers and pretended to blow out the smoke coming from it."Eh. We'll see about that." He got back in the water and sat on the steps that lead into the pool. I went over and sat next to him. He grabbed my hand and I got up and straddled his lap."Cupcake?" "Yeah?" "You forgot something." "What?" "This." Then he kissed me.

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