What world music region are you?

You are music. What world region are you from? Oh my goodness, now they are telling me that this paragraph has to be a certain length. What if I wanted to be concise?

There are 5 possible world regions. Good luck! This one too? Apparently making a quiz is actually much more demanding than I originally thought. They also don't want me to mention the length requirement either! This is so weird.

Created by: Hailey
  1. What is the name of someone from your region?
  2. What gets you down?
  3. What kinds of instruments appeal to you?
  4. What bests describes the kind of music you listen to?
  5. What statement best describes yourself?
  6. Apparently I need 10 questions. So these last five are just filler. Pick anything.
  7. yep.
  8. hmmm
  9. Almost...
  10. last one.

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Quiz topic: What world music region am I?