How Hampton Roads are you?

Are you from Hampton Roads, Virginia? Do you know your region well? Perhaps, you visit so much that it feels like a second home. Either way, can you answer some questions about one of the best places ever?

I love Hampton Roads, and I just wanted to let everyone test their knowledge of my "hometown region". Afterall, it is a really cool place to be (most of the time).

Created by: Ross
  1. You're driving to work, what, without a doubt, will be the most congested route from the Peninsula to Southside?
  2. What's the most populated city in the region?
  3. What amusement park will most Hampton Roads residents most likely go to and have season passes to?
  4. What's the river running between the Peninsula and Southside?
  5. What does ODU stand for?
  6. What city is Chrysler Hall in?
  7. When you are at Ocean View, what body of water are you looking out at?
  8. What is the largest employing industry in the area?
  9. What is the main interstate running through the region?
  10. What bridge, tunnel, or bridge-tunnel will you take to get to the Eastern Shore?
  11. What state does Hampton Roads border?
  12. What is the name of the Norfolk minor-league baseball team?
  13. What are the three main news stations in the area?
  14. What is Mt. Trashmore?
  15. Where are the two main public airports?
  16. What part of Virginia is Hampton Roads in?
  17. What decisive battle was fought in Hampton Roads, leading to the surrender of the British in the Revolutionary War?
  18. What U.S. president was born in Hampton Roads?
  19. What is the name of the second oldest university in the United States, located in Williamsburg?
  20. Which is closest to Hampton Roads?
  21. Which of the following is not a city or county in Hampton Roads?
  22. What hurricane/tropical storm greatly damaged the region in 2003?

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