How familiar are you with Utah highways?

This is the Utah Road quiz. See how saavy you are with Utah Roads. Are you a hard-core commuter of a casual passer-by? Find out by taking this quiz, and impress all of your friends and co-workers with your knowledge of Utah roads.

Are you really from Utah? The best way to find out if you are is to see how saavy you are with Utah roads. Don't use a map, that's cheating. Plus, there are some questions that a map won't show you. Only a true commuter will get these questions.

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  1. The trouble with SR-154 "Bangerter Highway"
  2. How do Utahns treat the 'HOT' lane?
  3. The name of the interchange with I-80, I-15, and 2100 South Freeway is called....
  4. What is the freeway number for the 2100 South Freeway?
  5. The Belt Route is...
  6. Through which cities does "SR-505" run?
  7. Which radio station is famous for "Traffic and Weather together every ten minutes on the nines"
  8. What licence plate makes you moan, when you see it on the freeway?
  9. Which off-ramp is Utah's first and only "carpool only" (left exit)?
  10. Which highway is named after a former governor?
  11. Which of the following are Utah's urban tollways?
  12. A 30 Mile Freeway is Proposed For Salt Lake/Utah County's West Side. It will be called:
  13. What's funny about the Tehachapi Springs off-ramp?

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Quiz topic: How familiar am I with Utah highways?