How "Utah County" are you?

People can come from anywhere, really. But only true, blessed souls come from Utah County--home of BYU, food storage outlets, and more polygamists than anyone cares to admit. Are you one of us?

"Funeral potatoes" is the best casserole ever invented. Only true, mormon wives can make it right, and ALL of them come from that stech of land just south of the "point of the mountain". Can you guess their answers? Lets see!!

Created by: James

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  1. Who's your favorite "Rocky"
  2. Have you even attended a bridal show in a high school auditorium?
  3. Say these words out loud: dill, deal, mill, meal
  4. An good alternate word for "F**k" is:
  5. a good age to get married is:
  6. The worst part about Salt Lake is:
  7. Your father is involved with:
  8. What is NOT used in making "funeral potatoes"?
  9. your favorite film is:
  10. as salt is to pepper, Larry H. Miller is to _____?
  11. The mascot for BYU is a(n)?

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Quiz topic: How "Utah County" am I?