Are you from Utah?

There are many great states in the nation, but none as great as Utah. After all, what other state has funeral potatoes? Are you lucky enough to call yourself a Utahn? Take this quiz and find out!

Are you Utahn enough to find your way around the minivans that clog our freeways? Take this quiz and find out if you can claim to be from the greatest state in the nation.

Created by: jeffrbenn
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  1. What event happens every April and October?
  2. UEA supposedly means "Utah Education Association." What does it REALLY mean?
  3. If you are at the corner of 1300 East and 9400 South and your friend is at 2000 East and 8000 South, how many blocks will you travel to meet him?
  4. Who presides over the local ward building?
  5. If you are from Utah you are...
  6. Which two words rhyme to most Utahns?
  7. Complete the sentence: "And it..."
  8. At a funeral, you will...
  9. Which is the highest compliment?
  10. Who was the wicked king?
  11. It's not "The Mormon Church" but the...
  12. Are you a member of the LDS Church?
  13. Which political party do you support?
  14. What do Wilford Woodruff and George Albert Smith have in common?
  15. The center of the grid system is
  16. What two schools play against each other in the Holy War?
  17. How old is a priest?
  18. Where do you go during UEA?
  19. What day is Pioneer Day?
  20. Who is the President of the Church?
  21. What kind of car do you drive?
  22. Are Mormons polygamists?
  23. What happened in 2002?
  24. Which most accurately describes George W. Bush?
  25. You are supposed to be somewhere at 9:00. What time do you arrive?
  26. It is snowing outside. What happens?
  27. How many children are in your family?
  28. You proudly claim that...
  29. Which word is NOT part of Utahn English?
  30. What is an indispensable part of every family gathering?
  31. Utah's license plates say: "Utah - ______ on earth"
  32. If you want to prove your identity, you show someone your
  33. What's the name of the Angel on top of all those temples?
  34. How long should it take you to get to church?
  35. How long should it take you to get to the Temple?
  36. What word is used solely by Mormons?
  37. How many wives does your father have?
  38. You have a sign in your house that says:
  39. When you make fun of a state, which state is it?
  40. Deseret means

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Quiz topic: Am I from Utah?