What Percentage Utahn Are You?

There are people from the west and then there are people from Utah. Which are you? Take this fun, simple quiz to find out. Who knows you might really be a Utahn at heart.

There is east coast, west coast, southern and midwestern. And then there is Utahn. If you think you might be a Utahn, but don't really know here's your chance to find out!

Created by: Rachel

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  1. If someone serves ham, funeral potatoes, salad, rolls, jello and multiple desserts you are most likely attending which function?
  2. When you see the following sign on a street corner "Homemaking 2Nite" you think what?
  3. When someone suggests that you need to rotate your food storage you think of -
  4. When you're informed that Utahns broke the all-time Cheesecake Factory record of cheesecake eaten within 1 year you
  5. You pronounce Chuck-o-Rama as
  6. Can you pronounce Tooele?
  7. If Michael has 6 brothers and one sister what are the chances his sister will be named Emma?
  8. If you drove from Bear Lake to Lake Powell you would have -
  9. How do you pronounce "real meal deal?"
  10. If you ask someone out on a date do you

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Quiz topic: What Percentage Utahn am I?