How well do you know music?

There are many smart people and some people who think they are smart but are you really? find out inside if you know your music from today and music soundtracks :D

Are you a genius??????? find out inside if your a music genius!!!!! in a few seconds or munutes you will know!!!!!! you will take a journey into the world of music

Created by: kirstin

  1. What song was NOT made by Madonna?
  2. What song was NOT made by linkin park?
  3. Whitch singer made the song "Kiss Kiss"?
  4. Whitch singer made the CD " Hard candy"
  5. Who made the score for the movie " The Da Vinci Code"?
  6. Danny elfman made the following sountrack "Spiderman"?
  7. Hans Zimmer made the following soundtrack "Pirates of the caribbean: curse of the black pearl"?
  8. who made the song " I want to hold your hand"?
  9. in the movie Sweeney todd what song did Johnny depp sing to his daughter?
  10. Did you do well on this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know music?