What sort of music do you like?

I'm sure you know what sort of music you like... but does your personality really reflect that? Does your personality reflect a different sort of music than you actually enjoy listening to?

So what sort of music should you listen to? You can find what genre of music your personality really reflects with this great quiz that only takes a few minutes. Do you pop, rap, country, metal, or soft rock?

Created by: Jenny
  1. which colors appeal to you most?
  2. Which bands appeal to you most?
  3. Where do you shop at?
  4. How do you normally dress (or how do you like your girl dressed)?
  5. what sort of shows would you watch on T.V.?
  6. Suppose you and your friend decide to hang out... what is the most likely thing that you would do?
  7. What genre do you think you like best
  8. What sort of hobbies do you have?
  9. which of these sounds most appealing as an artist name
  10. Do you like concerts?

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Quiz topic: What sort of music do I like?