Are you a music buff?

Everyone knows "who let the dogs out "By the baha men and "baby got back"by sir mix alot but who knows the music that started it all you think you know music ? Lets just see how much you REALLY know about music?

Everyone thinks they know music but then ask who paul mcartney is ? someone who truely knows and has music flowing in thier blood knows the most influentual bands as well as the ones on the top of the billboad charts lets see if you know you sh#t when it comes to music are you a music buff?

Created by: natasha

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  1. Which one of the following songs was not made in the eighties?
  2. The lead singer of "the doors "is..
  3. Which of the following songs features lil jon?
  4. who of the following is not a member of Kiss?
  5. Who sung the song "constant craving"
  6. Who is not a former spice girl?
  7. Mariah carey did a duet with wich of the following singers
  8. Who wrote the song "hard days night"
  9. Who was the original lead singer of Van halen
  10. How many lead singers has ac dc had ?
  11. lil Kim had a hit with which of the following songs?
  12. What band sung the following song "walk like a eygptian"

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Quiz topic: Am I a music buff?