Do you you know your animals in the movies that they played in. Test your knowledge or memory to see if you are a movie buff or not. Let's see how clever you are.

Are you a movie buff? Do you remember these movies? Take this quiz to see if you can remember. It is a cute quiz and only takes a minute. Good luck and have fun.

Created by: Susan

  1. Babe, the 1995 Australian film, is based on the children's novel by Dick King-Smith, called BABE, THE GALLANT PIG. The title character is a pig, raised on a farm, that longs to be a
  2. Beasley,(what kind of dog) who played Hooch in Turner and Hooch was a one-hit wonder.
  3. In the movie "The Wizard of Oz" what was the dog's name?
  4. In "102 Dalmations" what was the puppie's name without spots?
  5. In "Back To the Future" Dr. Emmett Brown uses his dog as a 'test pilot' for his time machine. What's the dogs name?
  6. A cat with an important collar plays an integral role in "Men In Black". What is this cat's name?
  7. In "That Darn Cat" (1965) what breed of cat saves the day and the kidnapped victim?
  8. In 1988, we go, where we discover a part live - action, part animated film about a certain rabbit with an eye-popping wife named Jessica. What is the name of this creature
  9. At the start of The Wizard of Oz, which complaint does Miss Gulch not make about Toto?
  10. From what type of animal does Old Yeller contract rabies?

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